Finland’s New Government Unveiled Policy Programme

Finland’s New Government Unveiled Policy Programme

HELSINKI, Jun 18 (NNN-XINHUA) – The new government of Finland, unveiled its policy programme and division of ministerial posts on Friday.

The new government will safeguard the welfare society, ensure adequate services for all, and promote balanced development of the national economy, said the government’s press release.

It will make adjustments to taxation, lowering personal income tax and increasing value-added tax on items, such as, pharmaceuticals, sports services, film screenings, etc, it said.

Regarding immigration, the government plans to significantly lower the refugee quota and raise the threshold for permanent residence permits, including requirements related to continuous residency and language proficiency.

The coalition government consists of the conservative National Coalition Party, the right-wing Finns Party, the Finnish Christian Democrats, and the Swedish People’s Party.

According to the cabinet position allocation plan, the new government will consist of a Prime Minister and 18 ministers, the same as the current one.


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