First S Korean-born giant panda makes debut

First S Korean-born giant panda makes debut

CHENGDU (ANN/CHINA DAILY) – Fu Bao, the adorable first giant panda born in the Republic of Korea, delighted fans with her public debut on Wednesday morning upon returning to her homeland in Southwest China’s Sichuan province.

The beloved panda made her appearance at the second hall of the panda nursery in the Shenshuping giant panda base of Wolong National Nature Reserve, following two months of careful inspection, quarantine, and adaptation.

Fu Bao, who returned to China in early April, faced the significant challenge of integrating into the existing “panda family” at the reserve. Wei Rongping, deputy director of the centre, highlighted this as the most critical aspect of her transition.

Cheng Jianbin, Fu Bao’s breeder, elaborated on the process, explaining, “During the transitional period, Fu Bao could interact and get acquainted with her pals through odour and sound, or visit her neighbours, to adapt to the new environment quickly.”

Born in July 2020, Fu Bao, whose name translates to “lucky treasure” in English, is the first cub of giant pandas Ai Bao and Le Bao.

These pandas were sent to the Republic of Korea from China in 2016 under a 15-year lease agreement.

Fu Bao quickly became an online sensation in the Republic of Korea following her birth, providing a source of joy and entertainment for people during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her return to China marks a significant milestone, not only for the panda breeding programme but also for the cultural and scientific exchange between China and the Republic of Korea.

Fu Bao’s successful adaptation to her new environment signifies the ongoing commitment to the preservation and study of this beloved species.


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