GE15: 50% voter turnout as of 1pm -EC

GE15: 50% voter turnout as of 1pm -EC

#Reporting By – Ramani, Abd Rahman, Md Faisal and Zian Hafiz


MELAKA— The Malaysian 15th General Election started today at 8am with rain and cloudy weather in Melaka. Asia News Today team started its first observation at P134 Masjid Tanah parliament at 8.30am, where we saw a moderate voter attending to cast their votes.

At around 10.40am SJK Cina Pulau Sebang under P135 Alor Gajah parliament, ANT saw a good number of voters.

Then, at SJK Tamil Pulau Sebang around 11.15am, a strong presence of voters is seen and Pakatan Harapan candidate Adly Zahari is seen to be making a visit to this voting centre.

At 12.20pm, we sighted Barisan Nasional candidate Shahril Hamdan at SK Alor Gajah 1.

Our observation continued at Sekolah Dato Nanning at 12.30pm with moderate voters’ presence.

Meanwhile, at Parliament Selayang, Dewan Seroja, Kg Bendahara, Batu Caves, a strong voters’ presence is also noted by our Klang Valley ANT team.

As of 1pm, the Election Commission (EC) statistics indicate 50% voter turnout.




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