GE15: Four corner fight in P135 Alor Gajah parliament

GE15: Four corner fight in P135 Alor Gajah parliament

Additional Reporting by Faisal, Abd Rahman, Zian Hafiz

ALOR GAJAH — There will be a four corner fight in parliament Alor Gajah seat contested by incumbent Datuk Redzuan Yusof known as Pak Wan, ex- Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari, Barisan Nasional Shahril Hamdan and Pejuang candidate Muhammad Nazriq Abdul Rahman

At 10.40 am, the returning officer announced the names of the candidates and accepted all the nominations submitted by the candidates.

Supporters from Barisan National, Pakatan Harapan, Perikatan National and Pejuang gathered from 8am onwards.

Pakatan Harapan came with a group of supporters, playing drums and giving short speeches and playing Almitet’s Aduh Malaysia song.

Meanwhile, Barisan Nasional supporters also came with a strong presence to show support for the young candidate who is also the Umno information chief.

Perikatan Nasional supporters mostly seen as local Alor Gajah people throwing support for the incumbent Pak Wan.

The police and security officials ensure a smooth traffic flow and maintaining the security of the area plus controlling the supporters in order.

Credit also should be given to the Election Commission (EC) for commanding a smooth nomination process.

Alor Gajah comprise of 93, 311 voters, the voters composition — Malay 61%, Chinese 25%, Indian 13% Others 1%

In GE14, Datuk Redzuan Yusof who is also known as ‘Pak Wan’ won with 6,980 votes and garnered a total of 29,330 votes.

In 2013, BN-MCA contestant Koh Nai Kwong won this seat with a majority of 11,597.
Since 2004 until 2013, traditionally it has been a stronghold of MCA seat, however in 2018, a major shift took place when Datuk Redzuan managed to pull an upset to break the traditional seat holding by Barisan Nasional

Visuals from the nomination of P135 Alor Gajah

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