GE15: I don’t know, it’s being negotiated about when to dissolve Parliament – Azhar Harun

GE15: I don’t know, it’s being negotiated about when to dissolve Parliament – Azhar Harun

KUALA LUMPUR : The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tan Sri Azhar Azizan Harun insisted that he was neither involved nor aware of the date of the dissolution of Parliament.

At the same time, he explained, he was not involved in the discussion about important dates for the country.

“I am not involved, so I do not know and I will not even be consulted. I have not heard anything else. There is no notice because the dissolution of Parliament is under the authority of the Prime Minister who will advise the Agong.

“If advised to do so, the Agong has the discretion to reject the advice. That is the law in the Federal Constitution,” he told the media during the Friendly Meeting with Media Friends at the Parliament building here.

In fact, he also cannot comment on the controversy that has arisen, namely whether the power of dissolution lies under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister or the Cabinet.

“Now I read in the news, there is a polemic as to whether the power is the power of the Prime Minister only, or it must have the decision of the Cabinet. That is a bit of a polemic, I don’t even have an answer to the polemic,” he said.

Asked if the 2023 Budget is about to repeat the history of 1999, where the budget under Tun Dr Mahathir’s administration at that time was not approved, Azhar said, the matter needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

“Had to ask the MoF, I don’t know because we only list what was given notice to us. The list is that in this session, the 2023 Budget will be brought for the first reading and on Friday it will be brought for the second reading.

“Then, it will be discussed at the policy level and the committee level. That is as we know now,” he said.

Commenting on whether the Prime Minister will present the 2023 Budget, Azhar explained that, as usual, the budget will be presented by the Minister of Finance.

“(So far) there is no (notification of who will present),” he added.

He explained that if Parliament is dissolved and a general election is held after Budget 2023, then the new government will have to do the first reading again.

“Because this is a budget, it does not bind the next government, so there has to be a new first reading. You can use the budget that has been presented, if he (the new government) wants to use it,” he explained.

For the record, on 29 October 1999, the former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad dissolved Parliament after the presentation of the 2000 Budget, and he saw that the budget was not approved.

source – Rahimah Abdullah

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