GE15: MP sponsored public referendum key to hearing the public voice  – Tan Gim Tuan

GE15: MP sponsored public referendum key to hearing the public voice  – Tan Gim Tuan

By — Steven and Ramani


PETALING JAYA — Barisan Nasional candidate for Damansara Tan Gim Tuan GT has expressed that an MP-sponsored public referendum should be initiated to allow a stronger, open and fair public representation in regards to projects related to the area.

Speaking to Asia News Today, he said that no matter who becomes the member of parliament, they should allow the public to come forward, represent and have an equal fair say about any incoming projects in Damansara.

“When I do my walkabouts, I tell the Damansara residents and voters about this public referendum, they are excited and welcome the idea.

“I want the concessionaire to present their case, your project-road alignment, traffic impact assessment (TIA), so the public is aware of what is coming into their place and how the project will be financed.” he said.

He added that by allowing the public to constantly voice out via public referendums, it will give back the power to the people (rakyat) to decide and be an equal partner in the decision-making process.

GT Tan also plans for townhall engagements including all stakeholders, especially residents, to discuss issues of well-being, quality of life and the rights and interests of Damansara residents (17 UNSDG 2030).

Additionally, he also championed the small and medium business communities, including young homegrown entrepreneurs, by being a facilitator to address issues such as manpower and red tape.

Being a practising lawyer, GT Tan is also the MCA Selangor Deputy Chairman and MCA Damansara division chairman.

He is active and vocal in Damansara community Groups and Forums such as Seapark Apartment Property&Owner Residents Association, RTs, RAs, Say No to KIDEX, No to PJDLink.

P106 Damansara will see a 3 corner fight – Gobind Singh Deo (PH), Tan Gim Tuan GT (BN) and Lim Si Ching (PN)

In 2018 election, Tony Pua of PH garnered 121, 283 votes beating MCA candidate Ho Kwok Xheng.

Since 2008, Tong Pua from DAP has been the MP for this constituency.

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