GE15: Parliament Klang independent candidate Deepak assures residents better flood mitigation measures

GE15: Parliament Klang independent candidate Deepak assures residents better flood mitigation measures

KLANG – Flooding and prevention measures were the key points brought forth by Parliament Klang P110 independent candidate in the upcoming 15th General Election, Deepak Jaikishan (Election logo: Ring) at a Makan Malam Mesra Rakyat held at the Hokkien Hall tonight.

The discussion was timely with the arrival of the monsoon season with daily rain and thunderstorms in the country. Klang, particularly, is flood prone.

In his speech at the dinner attended by over 800 Klang residents, Deepak said one of his key manifestos for Klang is flood prevention and mitigation. He informed guests at the dinner that if he was chosen as their representative, he would push for the state government to extend financial assistance to flood victims within 24 hours.

This, he said, can be achieved when flood victims register for assistance via a WhatsApp platform. He also said developing an alternative drainage and irrigation system in Klang within 3 months will be among his key priorities when he’s elected.

He also promised better coordination between Majlis Perbandaran Klang and Klang residents for better drainage and rivers management as well as better collaboration with non-government organisations (NGOs) and local communities for flood prevention and emergency response.

An urgent need for Klang, he said, is the establishment of a dedicated Klang flood response team. He suggests grouping 1,000 volunteers, supported by 20 rescue boats with complete rescue equipment to undertake rescue work.

Deepak also spoke about improving the living standards of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). He said it is pertinent that all government offices, shopping centres, and business centres in Klang have disabled-friendly facilities and as an elected representative he would ensure that this target is met within 1 year.

Deepak also said Klang will be made a safer town by getting 1,000 auxiliary policemen to patrol high crime zones 24 hours a day. Additionally, he said, CCTVs will be installed in targeted areas to deter crime.

As for education, Deepak said he will seek an annual Education Grant of RM 300,000 for school maintenance and upkeep. This, he said, was necessary so that the schools in Klang do not fall into disrepair from lack of maintenance.

Echoing some of Klangite’s sentiments that names of historical places in Klang be preserved, Deepak concurred that he would ask for a written guarantee from the local council that old names are not changed for the sake of keeping history alive.

In concluding his speech, Deepak said he has a few incentives planned for Klang’s youth, women and senior citizens. “No groups of the society one will be left out as we collectively move forward to advance Klang and offer more comfortable living for all Klangites,” he said.

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