GE15: Tambun, Bagan Datuk among hotspots identified in Perak

GE15: Tambun, Bagan Datuk among hotspots identified in Perak

#GE15IPOH,. Perak police have identified the Bagan Datuk, Larut and Tambun parliamentary constituencies as hotspots in the 15th General Election (GE15).

Its chief, Datuk Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said these three areas would be focused on to ensure the situation would be under control for a smooth election process.

“All the district police chiefs in this state have met with representatives of the political parties involved to explain the do’s and don’ts during the elections,” he said at a news conference here today on the Perak police preparations in conjunction with GE15.

He said that 791 police officers and 7,172 other personnel would be tasked with monitoring the GE15.

Mohd Yusri advised all the contesting political parties to conduct their respective campaigns in a professional and courteous manner, to avoid provoking others and not to raise sensitive issues involving religion, race and the monarchy.

“This is because such actions could cause disharmony, disunity and mutual hatred among the people,” he said.


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