GE15: Terengganu BN aims to ‘bind the old, attract the new’

GE15: Terengganu BN aims to ‘bind the old, attract the new’

CHUKAI,. The Terengganu Barisan Nasional’s (BN) tagline for the 15th general election (GE15) is “binding the old, attracting the new”.

Its chairman, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said said the tagline would be the basis of its mission in GE15 to ensure those who supported UMNO and BN continued to do so while, at the same time, attract the backing of the youth.

“This is necessary because we know, in Kemaman, nearly 30,000 constituents will be voting for the first time. So, we hope they understand the struggles of UMNO and BN in fighting for the people all this while.

“What we need today is a stable government… if the situation is not stable, investors won’t come, there will be no job opportunities. This will affect the youth., so they need to understand that they need to support a stable government,” said Ahmad, who is BN’s candidate for the Kemaman parliamentary seat.

He said this when met by Bernama after a get-together session with the locals at Pasar Binjai, near here, yesterday.

The former Terengganu Menteri Besar said that based on the track record, only BN is capable of governing the country in the best possible way.

“That’s why we do not make outrageous promises because we have the experience, know the country’s finances and our capabilities… because we plan (the development of) Malaysia for every five years,” he said.

Asked about BN’s level of aggressiveness when it comes to campaigning in GE15, he said it would be carried out in a moderate manner.

“We will meet the people like today’s programme, at night we will hold ceramah (talk) and so on. That’s all because UMNO and BN have ruled for over 60 years, they can see our track record. We only ask that they (voters) don’t be influenced (by the political gimmicks and manifestos of the Opposition),” he said.

The Election Commission (EC) has set Nov 19 as polling day and Nov 15 for early voting.


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