Guide Sensmart Built R&D and Production System of Full Infrared Industry Chain

Guide Sensmart Built R&D and Production System of Full Infrared Industry Chain

WUHAN, China, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, China’s leading media “People’s Daily” published a front-page article “Climb ‘High’ to ‘New’ and Cultivate New Momentum for Development”, which introduced and highly appreciated Guide Group’s new achievements on chip R&D and production.

Over the years, Guide sensmart (“the Company”) has been dedicated to technology innovation. From infrared components to the comprehensive optoelectronic systems, the Company has built a leading R&D and production system of the full infrared industry chain:

In 2014, uncooled infrared detectors were put into batch production;
In 2015, cooled infrared detectors were put into batch production;
In 2017, high-performance cooled single-color megapixel infrared detector chips were successfully developed;
In 2021, megapixel dual-color dual-band Infrared detectors were launched and batch-produced;
In Jan. 2024, the project “Key Technologies and Industrialization of High-performance Infrared Detection Chip Manufacturing” passed the review of the academician expert panel…
Equipped with self-developed infrared detector chips, the Company provides users with a series of devices, software and solutions, empowering industries including power, security monitoring, industrial monitoring, smart home, and outdoor night vision, etc.

For instance, based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and large models (LM), Guide sensmart customized and developed a new intelligent thermal online monitoring system for a thermal power station, which greatly improves inspection efficiency and provides convenience for the staff. “In the past, the personnel should check hundreds of points in thermal power station, it often took several days.” R&D manager Cui of Guide sensmart introduced, “now inspection personnel can monitor the status of all equipment in real time, sitting in the control center.”

Guide sensmart will continue to insist on technology innovation, applying infrared technology to meet customer needs to provide more professional, efficient and convenient solutions.

About Guide sensmart

Guide sensmart manufactures systematic infrared thermal imaging products, with a marketing service network that spans 70 countries and regions worldwide. For more information, please visit


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