Hilton Caters to Rising Number of Sleep Tourists with Debut of Hilton Sleep Retreats

Hilton Caters to Rising Number of Sleep Tourists with Debut of Hilton Sleep Retreats

Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report found the No. 1 reason people of all generations want to travel this year is to rest and recharge. In fact, some travelers are even building their entire trip around sleep, which is a trend now known as “sleep tourism.” Sleep tourism first picked up speed in 2023 and has accelerated this year – in its recent report, the Global Wellness Institute cites Wellness Tourism as one of the fastest-growing segments of travel, projected to reach $1.4 Trillion USD by 2027.

To address this demand and in celebration of National Sleep Month in March, Hilton has partnered with sleep science expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins to offer expert insight into ways Hilton can lead the industry in providing the best night’s rest possible across the portfolio. This includes new programming like the launch of Sleep Retreats at Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, with the potential to expand to additional markets in the coming months. Dr. Robbins, an assistant professor in medicine and associate scientist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, is also an acclaimed author and sleep expert featured in national print and television. She deeply understands the importance of sleep and which behavioral changes can help travelers get the most Zzzs when staying in unfamiliar environments. Together with Hilton, she will help guests put these insights into practice during a series of one-of-a-kind retreats, with the first launching in Maui at Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort’s Kilolani Spa, an all-new open-air luxury spa adorned by the natural beauty of Hawaii.

“Understanding the vital role sleep plays in our lives goes much deeper than just knowing we need it. It’s about nurturing and prioritizing it, especially in our fast-moving world where being constantly on the go is the norm,” said Dr. Robbins. “Collaborating with Hilton to bridge the gap between sleep science and its practical, everyday application excites me and our retreats serve as a wonderful demonstration of how this knowledge can be brought to life – whether traveling or at home.”

Designed to educate and empower guests while leveraging the unique wellness amenities offered at Hilton, the Sleep Retreats provide an all-encompassing journey into the science and practice of achieving restful, restorative sleep. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a series of Dr. Robbins-led activities, discussions, strategies and meditations focused on enhancing sleep quality.

Beyond spa services developed to mitigate jet lag, optimize circadian rhythms and release sleep-enhancing hormones, the programs include lectures that illuminate the science of restfulness, covering topics such as the foundations of sleep mechanics and sleep disorders. The retreats also feature healthy, sleep-promoting meals and opportunities for guests to design a personalized sleep schedule, ensuring each guest leaves with the knowledge and practices needed to improve their daily routine.

“Hilton seeks to provide more than just a place to stay. We aim to be a catalyst for wellness, starting with a great night’s sleep. Recognizing that more than half of all travelers surveyed in our recent Trends Report emphasized the need for rest when they travel, our commitment has never been more important,” said Amanda Al-Masri, global vice president, wellness, Hilton. “From the moment a guest steps into our hotels, every touchpoint is an opportunity to contribute to the quality of their overall wellness, and these curated Sleep Retreats represent a fusion of comfort, science and innovation crafted to improve the sleep experience.”

Hilton’s commitment to enhancing the guest sleep experience is exemplified by specialized offerings across its brands and properties. Travelers have shown a deep appreciation for the basics, and while all Hilton brands offer unique and exclusive bedding, Canopy by Hilton offers a gel memory foam mattress and Serta Cool Balance® technology, with the brand’s signature canopy frame, and Motto by Hilton has equipped its rooms with top-notch mattresses, sound-absorbing surroundings and smart technology available through the Hilton Honors app. Wellness offerings also extend directly into the room across many Hilton properties, such as Tempo by Hilton’s rooms designed with “power down” features for an optimal sleep environment. Additionally, dedicated wellness rooms are available at Signia by Hilton Atlanta Georgia World Congress Center, which are equipped with tools to help guests get their R&R.

More information on Hilton’s new Sleep Retreats will be made available on the Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort’s website in the coming weeks.


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