HR Ministry to amend process of recognising workers’ unions

HR Ministry to amend process of recognising workers’ unions

KUALA LUMPUR — The Human Resource Ministry will make several amendments to the process of recognising workers’ unions to give workers an avenue to fight for their rights and to seek justice.

Human Resource Minister V. Sivakumar said the matter would be given due attention by the government since there are employers who refuse to recognise unions in their companies.

“That makes it difficult for employees to fight for their own rights,” he said in his speech at the Festival organised by the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) on the eve of Labour’s Day, here last night.

At the same time, he said, the government is also studying several other issues, including pension for private sector, employment guarantee, workers health scheme and workers insurance plus issues related to the welfare of foreign workers.

Sivakumar said the government will try to overcome these issues to ensure all workers in the country are protected and given the privileges that are equivalent to their contributions to their employers and the country.

“The issue of foreign workers’ welfare also need to be given due attention and action. We must ensure that foreign workers are protected by the laws and given their rights, just like local employees,” he said.

He added that the government will also cooperate with employers to ensure workers who have limited qualifications are also given opportunities to enhance their careers or education through trainings and courses.

Such initiatives can give workers the opportunity to improve their skills and seek better prospects in their career as well as fill higher positions and receive better remunerations.

Sivakumar also urged all employers to respect and recognise the rights of workers and ensure workers are provided a conducive and safety environment to work.

“The government will continue to introduce policies and laws to ensure the welfare, safety and rights of workers are protected,” he said.


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