ICT Minister presents four-point strategy to make Colombia a power in Cybersecurity

ICT Minister presents four-point strategy to make Colombia a power in Cybersecurity

During the ‘ Cyber ​​Summit ‘ event, organized by the United Kingdom Embassy in Colombia, the ICT Minister, Mauricio Lizcano, presented the strategy defined by the Government of Change to make Colombia a benchmark in Cybersecurity among the countries of the region. 

With this, digital security within the country will be improved and services will be offered to other nations.

” If there is no digital security, we cannot build a real transformation. Cybersecurity is a public policy project for Colombia to be a world power. We are open to cooperating with the private sector, academia, the Military Forces and other countries in the world that consider that we can work together.

“This issue is global and we must act together to deal with this problem, we need families and the Government to feel safe in this ecosystem,” said ICT Minister Mauricio Lizcano .

The strategy to strengthen and consolidate cybersecurity throughout the country includes four actions, which complement each other, to expand Colombia’s capabilities in this area and generate a comprehensive protection model. 

One of the main ones is the creation of the National Cybersecurity Agency that will be presented to the Congress of the Republic again, in the legislature that begins tomorrow, July 20.

The second measure is the strengthening of Colcert, the Colombian Cyber ​​Emergency Response Group. 

This is a team that is a point of contact to coordinate the prevention, mitigation, management and response to national digital security incidents in both the public and private sectors of the ICT Ministry.

Minister Lizcano also made reference to the creation of a Cybersecurity center, also known as a Hub, in Caldas. For this, an investment of around 10,000 million pesos has been defined, partly directed to the Bios Innovation Center, to turn on the supercomputer that is there and take advantage of its capabilities and turn it into a great citizen trainer on cybersecurity issues. 

The last link of this strategy is the training and training of Cybersecurity specialties in the country, through different institutions, such as SENA and companies in the digital sector.

According to the latest statistics, in 2022 Colombia received 20,000 million cyberattack attempts. 

The most common forms of cybercrime are: phishing, online payment scam, and malicious code or software. 

In addition, several public institutions and private companies suffered cyber attacks, so the ICT Ministry put cybersecurity at the center of its connectivity and technology strategy to change lives.

Source — https://www.mintic.gov.co/portal/inicio/Sala-de-prensa/Noticias/276939:Ministro-TIC-presenta-la-estrategia-de-cuatro-puntos-para-hacer-de-Colombia-una-potencia-en-Ciberseguridad

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