Indonesia: Floods hit 49 neighborhoods in capital

JAKARTA, Sept 22 — Disaster management authorities in Indonesia revealed on Tuesday that at least 49 neighborhoods in the country’s capital had been flooded.

A number of areas were flooded with water 10 to 100 centimetres deep (3.9 to 39.3 inches) after heavy rainfall that began Monday night, Anadolu Agency (AA) quoting the National Disaster Management Agency said.

In east Jakarta, at leasts 23 neighborhoods were flooded as of Tuesday morning, while 14 areas were affected in the west of the city, 10 in the south, and one each in its central and northern regions.

According to AA, Raditya Jati, spokesman of the agency, said at least 15 people had fled their flooded homes on Monday night.

“Authorities have prepared evacuation posts in four points in North Kembangan and Rawajati,” said Jati in a written statement.

Meanwhile, the country’s weather forecasting body predicted light rain in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.


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