Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway Reached 350 Km Per Hour During Joint Commissioning, Testing

Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway Reached 350 Km Per Hour During Joint Commissioning, Testing

JAKARTA, Jun 23 (NNN-ANTARA) – The comprehensive inspection train (CIT) of Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway (HSR), reached 350 km per hour, the design speed, for the first time yesterday, during the joint commissioning and testing phase.

The incremental speed tests have been conducted since the start of joint commissioning and testing on May 22. The comprehensive inspection train gradually increased its speed from 180 km per hour to the design speed of 350 km per hour, fully validating the functionality and performance of various systems of the railway, including track, power supply, overhead catenary system, communication, signalling, and early warning monitoring.

Based on the test results so far, these systems have met the design requirements, which provide strong support for subsequent operation trials and opening for service.

The speed of the test drives needs to be increased to 110 percent of the line’s design speed, which is 385 km per hour, in accordance with the requirements of the joint testing and commissioning outline.

Personnel from China and Indonesia have closely collaborated, in order to prepare for the official commencement of operation, since the end of Feb this year. The Chinese side has provided professional training to Indonesian students, in high-speed rail operation positions, including train drivers, train mechanics, and operation control centre dispatchers, to provide talent and technical support for the high-quality opening of the railway.

The high-speed line is a landmark project under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, which connects Indonesia’s capital Jakarta and another major city, Bandung.

With a design speed of 350 km per hour, the railway, spanning 142.3 km will cut the journey between Jakarta and Bandung from over three hours to around 40 minutes.


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