Juffali Commercial Vehicles Joins Hands with Elevatus to Hire and Empower Saudi Arabia’s Youth

Juffali Commercial Vehicles Joins Hands with Elevatus to Hire and Empower Saudi Arabia’s Youth

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Elevatus, a leading provider of cutting-edge recruitment software, is proud to announce its partnership with Juffali Commercial Vehicles (JCV), the sole agent and distributor of Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses, as well as the authorized distributor of Fuso trucks and buses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This strategic collaboration, forged in the heart of the Kingdom, marks a significant milestone for both organizations. It underscores their shared commitment to simplifying recruitment processes, fostering local talent development, and creating employment opportunities for Saudi Arabia’s youth.

With over a thousand dedicated employees working across the Kingdom and the world, JCV has established itself as a prominent player in the Middle East’s business landscape. Guided by a steadfast commitment to values such as honesty, responsibility, and transparency, JCV has consistently contributed to the economic and societal prosperity of Saudi Arabia.

Recognizing the importance of streamlining their recruitment processes and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, JCV has chosen Elevatus as its trusted recruitment partner. Allowing them to streamline every facet of their recruitment functions. By simplifying and eliminating complexity, JCV now possesses the capability to attract and engage top-tier talent, resulting in more qualified hires. With Elevatus’ state-of-the-art ATS, JCV will also facilitate data-driven decision-making, equipping them with the essential tools needed to build a workforce that aligns with the future needs of their organization.

Elevatus has a proven track record of assisting more than 150 companies worldwide in optimizing their recruitment functions. By leveraging AI and futuristic recruiting solutions, Elevatus empowers organizations to recruit more talented workforces, secure a paperless recruitment process, and transform their existing tech stack into a unified recruiting powerhouse.

“This strategic partnership between Elevatus and JCV Commercial Vehicles marks a watershed moment for both organizations. We are thrilled to empower JCV in their pursuit of redefining talent acquisition. With Elevatus, JCV is poised not only to streamline their recruitment processes but also to harness the full potential of AI, enabling them to make astute, data-driven hiring decisions that will shape the future of their workforce.” shared Rami Alkiswani, Chief Commerical Officer at Elevatus.

Elevatus, with a track record of success serving companies worldwide, empowers organizations to not only streamline their talent acquisition but also to harness the full potential of AI, making it easier to identify and nurture the brightest talents. JCV’s decision to partner with Elevatus reflects their commitment to innovation and excellence in the recruitment domain. By embracing Elevatus’ cutting-edge technology, JCV is well-positioned to continue its legacy of contributing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economic growth and prosperity.

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