Kelantan’s Tok Bali transformation to thrust new economic development

Kelantan’s Tok Bali transformation to thrust new economic development

KUALA LUMPUR — Kelantan Menteri Besar Dato’ Bentara Kanan Ustaz Dato’ Hj Ahmad Bin Yakob and Minister in Prime Minister’s Department ( Economy) Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed today virtually chaired the 2nd Development Committee Meeting for Tok Bali area.

The main focus of the committee established in March 2021 was to ensure the development coordination of the Tok Bali area comprehensively, to ease the development and efforts to attract investments to speed up the development process.

The meeting concluded that the future projects in plan will be given importance as it has the potential to be a ‘game changer’ in transforming the economy in Kelantan.

Till June 2021, the government through ECERDC has allocated around RM 297.7 million for the development of the area which is:

  1. A) Tok Bali Industrial Park – RM 200 million
  2. B) Tok Bali Fishery Integrated Park – RM 67.7 million
  3. C) To upgrade the tok Bali-Pasir Puteh road – RM 30 million.

Meanwhile, committed investment from private companies in Tok Bali till June is totaled at RM 1.75 billion and RM 329 million has been utilised.

To ensure these projects thrust the economy, the committee decided to strategise to identify Inland Port Pasir development implementation along with Tok Bali Commercial harbour involving JPM, MOF, MOT, UPE, UPENK, Customs, JLM, JPS, PLANMalaysia, Petronas and private stakeholders with ECERDC.

Kelantan Menteri Besar during the meeting said “ To strengthen the commerce activity, the state government started the Inland Port Pasir Puteh project as it will create a service support and create a conducive  eco-system to the existing industry.

“As the Tok Bali is in a strategic position it will assist with the Malaysia-Thailand International Border Research (KSAMT) by noting the importance of development in the Kelantan border area,” he said.

Minister Dato’ Sri Mustapa said the planning to develop the Tok Bali area will provide an effort for the oil and gas, manufacturing, logistics and service as well as traditional sectors like fishery.

All these sectors will increase the economic growth for Kelantan and open doors for job opportunities as well as entrepreneur opportunities for the locals.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges does not stop the work and development in Tok Bali and the government hopes the efforts done will ease the pandemic effect in the area as seen as a destination for potential investment in Kelantan.

The government aims to attract high quality investors to Tok Bali through the implementation of high impact projects which will bring benefits and economic contribution to the local people, added Dato Sri Mustapa.




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