 Kumar’s first post-pandemic Malaysian tour presented by LOL Asia took the country by storm with 5 (almost) sold-out shows in Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur proving that he is the undisputed Superstar of Asian Comedy

Kuala Lumpur, 20 October 2022 – ROWDY KUMAR, the comedy extravaganza starring the indomitable Kumar drew its curtain last Sunday after a five night sold out shows which include Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and an epic three nights finale at Zepp KL (the show played to a full capacity on its final night in KL).

It is a show that Kumar has described as ‘a moment that he has been waiting for for the last three years’ – and judging from the positive response that he has been getting from his huge fanbase in this country, the feeling is definitely mutual.

“The last time I was here in 2019, right before the global pandemic, we had a ball of a time and the Malaysian crowd truly came out in full force to support my show.

ROWDY KUMAR is a true testament of my love for Malaysia and my fans here in this country. Although there have been challenges, but together with LOL Asia, the organiser of this show who I have been working with for the longest time, we pushed through. And I am so glad that we have managed to successfully wrap this tour with elegance, love, laughter and so much positivity – which is what Kumar is all about”, quips Kumar right after the final show on 15 th October 2022.

The ROWDY KUMAR star kicks off the high energy 90-minutes show with a Bollywood dance routine and a hilarious rapping segment by the superstar himself, accompanied by his equally enigmatic team of dancers. Right after the dance, Kumar wasted no time to launch on his jokes, touching subjects on his teenage years and early adulthood in Singapore, how it relates to sexism and other matters at hand with unmatched fervour – delivering punchlines with gusto. The second part of the show witnessed Kumar in a fully sequinned, more modern attire. He continued to tell stories on his life and what society has perceived to be ‘rowdy’. By being utterly honest and not courting likability, Kumar ends up more likable than ever. That, indeed, is the power of Kumar.

Rizal Kamal, Chief Executive Officer of LOL Asia said, “ROWDY KUMAR is a triumph for Malaysians who long for a moderate and less conservative rulings especially when it comes to live entertainment. Despite some concerns over the nature of the show affecting some sentiments in Malaysia, it was very well received.

I would like to thank everyone involved – from the artists, the crew, the authorities; and right down to the fans who showed up and supporting the show. We could never have done this without you!”.

Since the opening up of the country’s creative ecomomy, LOL Asia has organised two other major shows to rave reviews, namely, SEARCH’s, KONSERT ENDEMIK and THE BIG LOL SHOW. LOL Asia is planning to take ROWDY KUMAR on an Australian tour hopefully next year.

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