Legitimate launches product for Journalists that saves them hours each week

Legitimate launches product for Journalists that saves them hours each week

New York, USA – Legitimate, a new start-up from Ireland, believes that journalists have been underserved with technology for long enough.

They aim to empower journalists by providing them with the tech they need to do their job.

They already have several thousand journalists on their system and have established partnerships with university journalism schools, local and national news publishers.

“Legitimate was set up in order to assist journalists and promote trusted news sources. We want to become the home for journalism online”, stated Gerard Donnelly, founder and CEO.

“Our mission is to support journalists and help trusted journalism thrive.”

According to a recent report, one of the journalists’ biggest challenges is the impact that smaller staff and fewer resources are having on their workloads.

Legitimate addresses these issues, by providing free technology that lightens their workload.

“Legitimate is a brilliant resource for journalists – offering an extremely sleek website that quickly updates whenever a new story is published, it is a great tool for helping promote our content and something that every journalist should use and take advantage of,” said Dion Dassanayake, an early adopter of the platform.

Journalists can visit https://legitimate.net/ to sign up and create a profile.

About Legitimate

Legitimate is becoming the trusted home of journalism. Our aim is to bring together the journalism community and provide journalists with the tools they need to do their job, as well
as give them recognition for their work. Visit https://legitimate.net/ for more information.

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