Lengishu Has Been Awarded Global Ecosphere Retreat® Status

Lengishu Has Been Awarded Global Ecosphere Retreat® Status

Lengishu, the luxury Kenyan safari home and esteemed member of the environmental membership organisation, The Long Run, is one of only twelve properties worldwide to have achieved Global Ecosphere Retreat® (GER®) status, recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Members of The Long Run organisation diligently work towards gaining GER® status, considered the gold standard in sustainability audits for the hospitality industry. They adhere to the charity’s sustainability standards, focusing on the 4Cs: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce. Lengishu’s steadfast commitment to responsible tourism, particularly in protecting the surrounding wilderness and environment and local community education, has earned them global recognition within the community of the membership organisation The Long Run and beyond. Lengishu’s distinction is underscored by the exclusive nature of its achievement. Notably, no other private houses have garnered the esteemed GER® accreditation, amplifying Lengishu’s exceptional standing within the industry. This accolade not only sets them apart but also solidifies their position as trailblazers in the realm of sustainable luxury accommodations.

It reflects the house’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible tourism, elevating Lengishu to a unique echelon where luxury seamlessly intertwines with conscientious conservation practices. Anne-Kathrin Zschiegner, Executive Director for The Long Run comments: “We’re delighted to welcome another property on Borana Conservancy to the Global Ecosphere Retreat fold. It has been inspiring to watch the whole Lengishu team grow more committed and experienced in implementing the 4Cs since they joined The Long Run in 2020. Congratulations to them all!”

Located on Borana Conservancy in Northern Kenya, Lengishu has been a luxury retreat for wildlife enthusiasts since its opening in 2019. Sustainability has been at the core of their mission from the start, with owners Joe and Minnie MacHale emphasising and taking part in responsible and sustainable practices. They aim for a minimal environmental footprint, evident in their conservation efforts, such as investing all conservation fees from guests into protecting the ecosystem and wildlife of Borana Conservancy, particularly the endangered black rhino population. Joe expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re truly thrilled by this news, affirming that our dedicated efforts have borne fruit. However, our commitment doesn’t end here; we’re steadfast in building upon our conservation initiatives. This accomplishment is a testament to the collective efforts of our team, and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone involved.”

Lengishu consistently implements sustainable practices, from water sourcing through boreholes with solar power to an on-site kitchen garden irrigated by rainwater. The house’s construction utilises locally sourced materials, crafted by local artisans. Joe and Minnie are committed to local employment and provide certified training programs for their staff to develop various skills.

Lengishu’s achievement of Global Ecosphere Retreats® certification underscores its commitment to sustainability, surpassing industry norms. As a GER®-accredited safari property, Lengishu stands as a model for sustainable and responsible tourism, offering a welcoming environment for environmentally conscious travellers. Beyond providing employment and opportunities for local communities, the home actively contributes to the conservation of surrounding wildlife and biodiversity, fostering a balanced coexistence with nature.

Lengishu encourages guests to explore each of the 4Cs during their stay. From visiting the kitchen garden, tracking rhino on foot with the Borana Conservancy rangers, understanding the locally employed team’s cultural nuances and visiting local education projects – Lengishu encourages transparency throughout each guest’s stay to truly give an idea of the impact of staying at a GER® accredited property.

Lengishu (www.lengishu.com / +254 (0) 702 243 171) starts from £8,694 per night, based on 6 people sharing – exclusive use of Lengishu across 6 suites, full board accommodation, including local airstrip transfers, all Borana Conservancy based activities, selected cellar wines, spirits, beers and soft drinks. £790 for each additional adult. Minimum 3 night stay year round, minimum 4 night stay over the Christmas and New Year period. Children of all ages are welcome, those under 5yrs stay free of charge.


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