Local musicians support Iskandar Spring

Local musicians support Iskandar Spring

KUALA LUMPUR –Veteran musician ‘Iskandar Spring’ is facing chronic illness and a solidarity to support him is being organised by Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia and other partners.

The programme named ‘Jelajah Amal Solidariti 4 Iskandar Spring’ is organised today January 29 @ 2.30pm at Santai Seni TAR.

Tengku Raden Iskandar Tengku Ismail is suffering with stroke condition and has to go for daily dialysis. He also suffering with other ailments – diabetes and difficult to speak.

He was the former guitarist who started and led the local band Spring.

After learning his dire situation, Ameng Spring and Umarul Iklim proposed to Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia to do a charity road show. Those who are planning to support are welcomed to support Iskandar Spring for his medical donation drive.


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