Malaysia Airlines, Google collaborate to boost tourism

Malaysia Airlines, Google collaborate to boost tourism

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia Airlines and multinational technology corporation Google have forged a collaboration to accelerate Malaysia’s ascent as a top-tier tourism destination while driving digital evolution within the aviation sector.

The dynamic partnership represents a significant milestone in Malaysia Airlines’ quest towards digitalising its commercial advancement to stimulate growth and demand from key markets, solidifying its dedication to establishing Malaysia as a central hub for international travellers.

In a statement today, Malaysia Aviation Group (Airlines) chief commercial officer, Dersenish Aresandiran said as the national flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines is deeply committed to driving the growth of tourism and fostering economic development in the country.

“By harnessing the power of Google’s technology innovation and expertise, we are confident that we can unlock new opportunities, elevate the travel experience, and strengthen Malaysia’s position as a leading tourism hub in the region, aligning with the government’s vision for Visit Malaysia Year 2026 (VMY2026),” he said.

Meanwhile, Google Malaysia, Pakistan and Frontier Markets managing director, Farhan Qureshi said Malaysia’s tourism sector is poised for significant growth, and Google is committed to supporting Malaysia Airlines in capitalising on this opportunity.

By teaming up with Google, Malaysia Airlines intends to harness cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies to enhance its commercial operations, streamline processes and provide tailored experiences to travellers.

It said the collaboration aims to foster ongoing growth and innovation across various critical product domains, encompassing Google Pay, Google Flights and AI-powered marketing solutions, enabling it to cultivate a holistic ecosystem that prioritises seamless customer experience.

With travel demand set to surpass pre-pandemic levels, the airline also plans to leverage innovative solutions to fuel its growth and marketing channels, positioning the airline for substantial network expansion plans this year.

Utilising Google’s AI-powered Performance Max, Malaysia Airlines can enhance its marketing campaigns, guaranteeing wider reach, relevance and return on investment within the fiercely competitive travel market.


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