Malaysia poises to lead in sustainable aviation fuel supply in Asia-Pacific, says Air NZ

Malaysia poises to lead in sustainable aviation fuel supply in Asia-Pacific, says Air NZ

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has the potential to become a leading supplier of feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the Asia Pacific region, given its diverse range of feedstock and biomass available in the country, according to Air New Zealand.

Its chief sustainability officer Kiri Hannifin said the airline stands as an ideal partner for SAF innovators and producers in Malaysia, considering the fuel’s crucial role in the aviation industry’s decarbonisation efforts.

“We have a mature understanding of SAF, a clear roadmap to meet our targets, and the volumes of SAF we need align with current production capabilities.
“We already have some great relationships with several SAF producers. However, due to the scale of the challenge, there is a broader opportunity for new SAF supply partnerships,” she said in a statement.

According to the statement, the carrier has launched a global open invitation to innovators and start-ups in the SAF sector, including those in Malaysia, to become its supply partner.
This marks a pivotal step forward in Air Zealand’s commitment to decarbonising its operations and aligns with Malaysia’s National Energy Transition Roadmap, which targets a 47 per cent SAF blending mandate by 2050, it said.

“It is the first time an airline has made a global call to potential suppliers in the burgeoning SAF industry to work together on supply opportunities.
“The airline’s ‘Opportunity Statement’, released today, provides an overview of Air New Zealand’s SAF requirements based on its network, fleet, sustainability targets and criteria,” the statement said.

The carrier anticipated that it would need SAF to make up around 20 per cent of its total fuel uplift by 2030 to meet its science-based target.


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