Malaysian Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Serenades Nashville With The Debut Of Her New Song ‘Note To Self’

Malaysian Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Serenades Nashville With The Debut Of Her New Song ‘Note To Self’

NASHVILLE, 5TH AUGUST 2023 – Renowned singer-songwriter, Heerraa celebrates the debut of her brand new single, ‘Note To Self’, with a series of live shows lined up in Nashville, Tennessee.

Heerraa’s ‘Note to Self’ Tour commenced last Thursday in the heart of music city, captivating audiences at popular venues, including The Underdog, Bold Patriot Brewing and Holston House. Despite being her first time in Nashville, Heerraa impressed crowds with her stage presence and mission to change the world with music, even performing at iconic venues such as The Bluebird Cafe and the Commodore Grille.

“It touched my heart to receive such a warm welcome from the music community in Nashville. What an honour to showcase a song I wrote when I was 19 [Note to Self] and kick off my first series of shows in the US,” said the songstress, who recently got accepted as a Voting Member at the prestigious Recording Academy (GRAMMYs®).

A heartfelt track with a powerful message, the lyrics of ‘Note to Self’ centers around overcoming insecurities while paying homage to one’s younger self. Writing about the worries she had at nine and thirteen years old, the song struck a chord with audiences even before its official release, receiving the Audience Choice Award (Song) at the Short+Sweet Festival Malaysia in 2019 when Heerraa first performed it live.

“It was my first time in the city and I’m really grateful to the many people who took the time to show me around and make sure I felt welcomed,” said Heerraa.

The birthplace of country and bluegrass music, with connections to R&B, pop and rock, Nashville is known as the Music City because of its crucial role in music history. Every year, people visit the city for live music on Broadway and to check out the famous recording studios on Music Row. It is a hub for musicians, professionals and songwriters to come together and create music for their audience.

“It takes a village to put on a show and I’m taking this moment to thank the village back at home for putting me on stage,” said Heerraa as she credits this trip to ET Ideas, Ascendance and her family back home.

Joseph Wandass, singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, commented on, Heerraa’s Instagram post after watching Heerraa’s performance at the Commodore Grill, “You gave a phenomenal performance! Good luck at the awards in Atlanta!” After her week in Nashville, Heerraa heads to Atlanta, where she will be judging and performing the International Singer-Songwriters Association (ISSA) Awards at the Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center on August 5th.

We are excited to see where this young Malaysian talent goes next to share her impactful and catchy pop songs. Listen to Heerraa’s brand new song, Note to Self, here.

About Heerraa Ravindran:

Heerraa Ravindran, known artistically as Heerraa, is an award-winning singer-songwriter and Voting Member of the esteemed Recording Academy (GRAMMYs®). With a powerful and dynamic musical style, Heerraa has garnered widespread acclaim for her soul-stirring performances and profound songwriting. Her latest single, “Note To Self,” has already made waves in the industry, winning the Audience Choice Award at the Short+Sweet Festival in Malaysia. Heerraa’s influence extends beyond her music, as she co-founded Ascendance, an international youth organization that empowers the young. Since its formation in 2015, Ascendance has impacted 50,000 students in 26 countries. Heerraa is recognized for her exceptional achievements, including being listed on Harvard’s Dean’s List and receiving the prestigious Diana Award for contributing to social change and community development.


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