MCMC launches anti-cyber crime programme in Labuan

MCMC launches anti-cyber crime programme in Labuan

LABUAN, Aug 5 (Bernama) – The Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has launched a programme in Labuan to deal with the challenges of cyber crimes.

Federal Territories MCMC director Alyas Roy Amir said the ‘Jom Bijak Internet’ with Labuan Vocational College was one of the initiatives to help children, parents and the community deal with the challenges of cyber crimes.

He said the programme has four main objectives, namely increasing awareness on the wise and safe use of social media; providing exposure to the community on the dangers/risks of uncontrolled social media; protecting internet users from online risks and threats; and improving the community’s ability to use and understand digital technology.

“As we already know, several approaches taken by MCMC to increase a sense of responsibility among Malaysian internet users are through the ‘Klik Dengan Bijak’ (KDB) programme.

“The core message of the programme is based on the Rukun Negara principles, which encompass all the values that need to be emphasised in the lives of Malaysians of various ages and backgrounds,” he said at the Jom Bijak Internet here today.

Alyas Roy said the Jom Bijak Internet revolves around three key aspects: safety, vigilance (security), and responsibility.

“Through this KDB programme, MCMC aims to produce tech-literate users – individuals who possess a deep understanding of technology and the internet,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also said MCMC was committed to forging a robust alliance with various agencies under the Communications and Digital Ministry (KKD) to effectively combat the escalating threat of online scams in the country.

“The collaboration will encompass a multi-faceted approach to tackling these challenges, including preventive measures, investigative efforts, and constant public awareness campaigns in schools, villages, government departments and business establishments,” he said.

He told Bernama this today after a briefing with Labuan-based agencies under KKD on MCMC’s roles and current developments on connectivity nationwide.

“As Malaysia’s digital landscape continues to evolve, MCMC’s collaboration with other agencies signifies a decisive step towards fortifying the nation’s digital defences and fostering a safer online environment for all citizens,” he said.


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