Mdec Drives Interoperable E-Invoicing For Business Digitalisation (B2b)

Mdec Drives Interoperable E-Invoicing For Business Digitalisation (B2b)

CYBERJAYA, 1 November 2023 – The Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD), through Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), is implementing National E-Invoicing Initiative, aiming to drive interoperable e-invoicing by digitalising how businesses exchange invoices (B2B).

This initiative will establish an interoperable e-Invoicing framework tailored to Malaysia’s requirements, develop local service providers, and promote the adoption of e-Invoicing by businesses. It complements the e-invoice for tax implemented by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (HASiL). In 2022, MDEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HASiL regarding the implementation of e-Invoicing in Malaysia. MDEC’s e-Invoicing implementation for business digitalisation (B2B) will make it seamless for businesses to comply with the e-invoicing for tax compliance.

Businesses adopting interoperable e-Invoicing will benefit from improved efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and paper handling, enhanced security through data transmission encryption, ease of cross border data exchange on business transaction, and supports for companies in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) by reducing paper use and carbon footprint.

The National e-Invoicing initiative is a programme under the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMKe-12) with MDEC as the implementing agency. It is also a programme under the National e-Commerce Strategic Roadmap (NESR 2.0) and aligns with MDEC’s Malaysia Digital Catalytic Programmes or PEMANGKIN. The government has mandated MDEC to implement e-Invoicing for business digitalisation (B2B), using the Peppol framework. The Peppol framework consists of technical specifications applicable to existing eProcurement solutions or Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems, enabling systematic interoperability between disparate systems across businesses and facilitating seamless e-invoice exchange. It is the most widely implemented e-invoicing framework globally.

Recently appointed as Malaysia’s Peppol Authority, MDEC plays the role of accrediting Malaysia’s Peppol service providers and Peppol ready solution providers, specifying local requirements and technical standards, governing the overall Malaysia Peppol framework compliance, and promoting business adoption of e-Invoicing in Malaysia.

Additionally, a panel session on ‘A Vision for Interoperability: E-invoicing and its potential in Digital Trade’ will be held during the MDEC’s Malaysia Digital Expo 2023 (MDX2023) on 6 November 2023. Panel speakers include the representatives from OpenPeppol and Peppol Authorities from Japan, Singapore and Australia.

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