Midea RAC Adds New Products to Its CirQHP Family, Offering One-Stop Home Climate Control Solutions for European Households

Midea RAC Adds New Products to Its CirQHP Family, Offering One-Stop Home Climate Control Solutions for European Households

MILAN, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant move to address the heating and cooling needs of European families, Midea’s Residential Air Conditioner Division (Midea RAC) unveiled its new CirQHP Family products at the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024. The CirQHP Family is designed to provide an all-year-round, one-stop solution for both air and water-based space heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water heating, tailored specifically for the diverse European market.

During a panel discussion hosted by The Verge, industry experts explored the challenges users face in the current unstable economic situation, including fluctuating energy prices that affect many households. The discussion highlighted the ongoing struggle between fluctuating energy costs and environmental concerns, a challenge that Midea RAC has committed to addressing.

The CirQHP Family is one of Midea RAC’s response to this contradiction between sustainability and affordability. With the CirQHP Family that focuses on both cooling and heating requirement, Midea RAC offers a variety of product combinations, each designed to meet unique user needs and installation requirements for different building types, ensuring energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and comfort. Whether it’s a cozy apartment or a sprawling villa, there’s an optimal configuration available that minimizes installation hassle while maximizing comfort and efficiency.

The star of the CirQHP Family is the CirQHP Heat Recovery, an all-year-round, one-stop air and water heating solution with heat recovery technology. This solution addresses the issue of requiring multiple systems with several outdoor units. Such setups not only lead to higher installation costs and carbon emissions, but also consume excessive space while having a larger environmental footprint.

The CirQHP Heat Recovery solution boasts higher efficiency and lower energy costs, featuring a multi-split system that requires only one outdoor unit and various types of indoor devices to provide an integrated air and water heating solution. This innovative approach offers a seamless one-stop cooling, heating, and hot water experience, revolutionizing home comfort in an eco-friendly manner. Leveraging advanced heat recovery technology, the system provides free domestic hot water in the summer by recycling waste energy from the air-conditioning process. The technology ensures rapid temperature adjustments and year-round hot water supply with just a single outdoor unit, significantly cutting down on energy, material waste, and space requirements. Midea RAC also introduces a 100L small tank solution for apartment dwellers, catering to diverse installation needs and making it a versatile choice for any home.

Additionally, Midea RAC has launched the CirQHP Hybrid series, specifically designed for colder regions that have unique heating needs. European households confront a multifaceted heating dilemma, as more than 60 million gas boilers need replacement. While transitioning to heat pumps might seem inefficient and expensive in areas of extreme cold, relying on gas boilers may initially be less costly and offer better performance in colder temperatures. However, this option carries the risks associated with fluctuating gas prices and the potential for changing environmental regulations.

To address these challenges, Midea RAC has integrated its top-notch heat pump technology, CirQHP, with a gas boiler, and developed two solutions, the CirQHP Multi-hybrid and Indoor Hybrid, not only capitalize on the advantages of both systems but also serves as a steppingstone towards adopting greener energy solutions.

The CirQHP Family’s solutions embody the principles of the CirQHP Economy and CirQHP Humanity, reflecting Midea RAC’s commitment to GREEN VISION BLUE FUTURE. By harmonizing human needs with nature, Midea RAC aims to provide optimized heating and cooling solutions that are energy-saving, cost-effective, and low-carbon, catering to the diverse needs of European households.


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