More calls for Ahmad Zahid to resign, involve Wanita UMNO Federal Territories

More calls for Ahmad Zahid to resign, involve Wanita UMNO Federal Territories

KUALA LUMPUR : Wanita UMNO Federal Territories admits that the defeat faced in the 15th General Election (GE15) is not the end for members of the party.

Its leader, Datuk Seri Zurainah Musa in a press conference at the UMNO Women’s Office of the Federal Territory of Medan Tuanku, which is located in the capital on Sunday, informed that her side also realized the defeat that had occurred.

“To the losing candidates, this is not the end for you. We must respect the choice of the voters in a country that practices the democratic system of a constitutional monarch.

“Federal Territories UMNO women also realized and realized the defeat happened yesterday and described that in GE14, the people reprimanded UMNO/BN, however, in GE15, the people rejected UMNO/BN,” she said.

Therefore, he insisted that the Chairman of Barisan Nasional (BN) who is also the President of UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, must take full responsibility for the people’s rejection of UMNO/BN.

“We want Ahmad Zahid to resign from his position as BN Chairman and UMNO President immediately,” he stressed.

UMNO also said it needed a new restructuring of the party to face and make this party the people’s choice in the future.

“Federal Territories UMNO women uphold the decision and are firm with the stance of ‘ No Anwar, No DAP’ as decided in the UMNO General Assembly (PAU).

“No individual can violate the resolution of the UMNO General Assembly; including the Political Bureau, the Supreme Working Council (MKT) of UMNO or the President who has the power to approve the decision, except through the Special UMNO General Assembly,” she added.

source – Faris Danial Razi

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