Nanta: Producers urged to increase egg production for domestic consumption

Nanta: Producers urged to increase egg production for domestic consumption

KUALA LUMPUR,. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexandar Nanta Linggi has urged all producers to increase egg production for domestic consumption to ensure sufficient supply in the market.

Following an inspection at the Segi Fresh supermarket in Batu Caves, Nanta acknowledged that the supply of eggs had decreased.

The matter was also confirmed by the supermarket owner, who explained about the difficulty in obtaining the commodity because of producers exporting Grade A, B, and C eggs abroad, thus reducing domestic supply.

“The government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (Mafi) is fulfilling its responsibility by increasing subsidies to farmers from three sen to eight sen per egg because production costs have increased, affecting the production of A, B, and C grade eggs.

“The subsidy given for breeders is also to ensure that the consumer price remains at the maximum price set by the government for grade A, B, and C eggs.

“Although egg production and supply are the responsibility of Mafi, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) will always work with Mafi and the agencies involved to ensure that consumers welfare is taken care of,” he said in a post uploaded on his Facebook page.

Nanta said the producers should have integrity and live up to their responsibilities, as agreed in a series of talks after additional subsidies were given to them.

Commenting on supply during the Deepavali celebration, he said supply such as chicken, cooking oil and others are satisfactory and the selling prices were in line with the maximum prices set by the government.

He said the list of items and prices under the Deepavali Festive Season Price Control Scheme and control period would be announced later.

— Bernama

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