North Kalimantan community feel honoured with Jokowi’s visit

MIRI: Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visit to Krayan, North Kalimantan recently is welcomed by the local community as part of the leader’s aspiration to transform Kalimantan as its future capital.

North Kalimantan state representative Marli Kamis said that Jokowi’s timely visit has been a dream come true for the Krayan community.

Reported by Utusan Borneo, the community in North Kalimantan is excited when President Jokowi visited the remote area.

Marli’s statement to Utusan Borneo describing Jokowi’s visit will bring change to Krayan community and address any issues faced by the community for almost 74 years since Indonesia gained her Indipendence.

It is something like heaven fall on our region added Marli.

Marli asked the Krayan community to get ready for the development and transformation of the area.

He wants Krayan to arise, prosper and stay strong.

Meanwhile, Jokowi’s arrival was hosted fully with the cultural style of Lun Dayeh Community.

Later, the Indonesian President spent time visiting Nunukan, Indonesia-Sarawak, Malaysia towards North Kalimantan point via a motor ride.

In August, Jokowi announced that two regencies in East Kalimantan are to be the site of the country’s new capital city.



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