Noryn Aziz, Zara Zya share and raise the spirit of ‘cancer survivor’

Noryn Aziz, Zara Zya share and raise the spirit of ‘cancer survivor’

CANCER is not God’s punishment. Cancer is also not the end of life.

Those are the words of encouragement from two popular celebrities Noryn Aziz and Zara Zya for people living with cancer or cancer survivors.

As a sign of support, these two celebrities attended the Majlis Fashion Fight Cancer in conjunction with the Pink Unity program recommended by the Malaysian National Cancer Association and the Variante fashion brand at the Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

According to Noryn, the meaning of cancer itself is very close to her heart.

“When she talks about cancer, it is closer to me because my father’s died in December last year due to stage four liver cancer.

“If you find out, the doctor will tell you that you can only live for six months. Yes, everyone knows if it’s stage four cancer, to what extent can survive.

“Actually, my heart can’t accept it anymore (father’s passing away). But we are pleased with the provisions of Allah. Sometimes I think he is still there because I am very close to my father.

“Even though you can’t accept it, you have to accept the fact. What can we do is the gift of Al Fatihah and prayer always.

“Not only the father, before this there was also a mother, grandmother and relatives died of breast cancer.

“I also feel lucky and grateful to be given the opportunity to take care of my father when they are sick. Moreover, at that time the country was still hit by COVID-19, everyone had to stay at home. So our family takes care of him. Alhamdulillah,” she said.

FROM left: Zara Zya, Raja Azura, Noryn Aziz, Leslie Variyan and Lena Abdullah.

Zara Zya also hopes that the negative perception of cancer in society can be changed.

“I support this program because Variante itself cooperates a lot with me. After all, we have been friends for a long time.

“What’s more, in an event that supports cancer survivors to continue to be excited about living their daily lives. Of course it is one of my responsibilities as a celebrity to educate people about cancer.

“When people talk about cancer, people are always afraid because they think cancer is the number one killer. This assumption is wrong and should not exist in oneself.

“So I myself am aware of the need for knowledge related to cancer so that I can convey it to others.

“Although I am not surrounded by cancer patients, today I brought my caretaker Jamal who is also a cancer survivor. I brought him to this assembly because I wanted to support him,” she said.

Variante’s FOUNDER and Creative and Affairs Director, Leslie Variyan, was touched by the support of popular artists such as Noryn Aziz.

Also at the event, a leading fashion hub, Variante launched three exclusive hijab designs to raise public awareness and at the same time inject the spirit of cancer fighters throughout this October in conjunction with Cancer Awareness Month.

With the theme By survivors, for survivors, the collaboration with Pink Unity under the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) is seen as the best opportunity to donate to the community and cancer fighters in particular.

According to the founder and Director of Variante’s Affairs and Creative, Leslie Variyan, the design of the three pomfret-shaped hijabs with the Pink Carnation background became an inspiration that represents love, gratitude and appreciation to be distributed to the public.

“We chose to work with Pink Unity because we want to be together in this fight and change the world.

“And I see Pink Unity as a strong support system for cancer fighters. Cancer is also not a ‘death penalty’ and the right support will change the way of thinking and acceptance.

“I myself lost my father and brother-in-law to cancer. If someone is confirmed to have this disease, the support system is very important to help them pass the exam,” he said.

CHAIRMAN of Pink Unity, Lena Abdullah (left) with Raja Azura, Zara Zya and Noryn Aziz at the Cancer Fight Fashion Council

Meanwhile, the head of Pink Unity, Lena Abdullah, recorded an award for the collaboration with Variante and hoped that more people would have cancer.

“For more than 10 years, Variante has helped Pink Unity and I still remember Leslie being the first person to sell clothes and clothes for cancer fighters in conjunction with the Islamic Fashion Show.

At that time we did not have enough funds to provide more than 20 clothes and Variante appeared and provided it for free.

“We will not die of cancer because it can be treated. Cancer is a gift from God, we will become better human beings. Make a treatment and don’t wait until the last step.

“We know our bodies. If anything else is felt, continue to see the doctor. Don’t take a long time, keep taking action,” he explained.

In conjunction with Fashion Fights Cancer, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of hoodies and clothing selections at the Variante boutique throughout October will be distributed to Pink Unity as a sign of support for Cancer Awareness Month.

To express your support for cancer fighters, make a purchase at

source – wilayahku

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