Not end of the road, party still needs your contribution, Anwar tells dropped candidates

Not end of the road, party still needs your contribution, Anwar tells dropped candidates

Must allow fresher, younger faces to rise through ranks, PKR president says

KUALA LUMPUR – PKR leaders who are dropped from contesting in the coming general election (GE15) still have a role to play in the party, said its president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Commenting on the backlash to overlook some of the more senior members and incumbent lawmakers, Anwar said the party needs to ensure that fresher and younger faces are able to rise through the ranks.

He was responding to a statement made by former vice-president Chua Tian Chang that dropping certain MPs risks jeopardising the party in the upcoming polls.

“We couldn’t keep everyone. If we did that, it would be impossible for the new generation to rise,” Anwar told a press conference after attending an event today.

“There is also the factor of health, as well as the consideration that some have served (as lawmakers) for quite some time.

“But I would like to stress to Tian Chua that not all struggles have to be through the election channel. We still need the contribution of senior figures in the party to continue leading our younger leaders.”

In a Facebook post today following PKR’s candidates announcement yesterday, Chua said that the selection was not reflective of the diversity within PKR and reminded the party not to lose its base.

He warned that the arbitrary swapping of MPs risks provoking voters’ ire, noting that many have expressed disappointment with some of the candidate choices.

Among the big names to be dropped include former PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah (incumbent Sg Buloh MP), Maria Chin Abdullah (Petaling Jaya), Chan Ming Kai (Alor Star), Datin Paduka Tan Yee Kew (Wangsa Maju) and Dr Lee Boon Chye (Gopeng).

Chua himself was overlooked for the Batu constituency, which will be defended by the incumbent P. Prabakaran.

Three incumbent MPs, meanwhile, will be moved to new constituencies, namely Anwar (from Port Dickson to Tambun), Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (Pandan to Bandar Tun Razak) and Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin (Hang Tuah Jaya to Bagan Datuk).

Whether the moving around of several MPs – a similar strategy that is adopted by DAP – will affect Pakatan Harapan’s chances at the polls, Anwar said the party had used its wisdom in making the decisions.

“We realise that leaders who have served for a period of time, sometimes need to be moved or replaced. And like I said, if we maintain the same people, the new generation will have no place.

“Individuals like our women chief Fadhlina Sidek and youth chief Adam Adli will have to wait another 20 years. So how do we give them space?”

Asked about his own decision to move between constituencies, Anwar said he only does so after being satisfied that the seat he previously held is strong and fortified.

“Permatang Pauh, for me, is solid. Port Dickson, in the past few years, I have given so much attention. I need to wrest new constituencies, win them and capture the government.

“(I can’t do so) if I remain in one area.”

Anwar had served as an MP in Permatang Pauh for six terms from 1982, before moving to Port Dickson in 2018. He is now set to compete in Tambun.

– The Vibes, October 29, 2022

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