Oladance Introduces OWS PRO

Oladance Introduces OWS PRO

NEW YROK,  /PRNewswire/ — Oladance, renowned for their game-changing audio innovations, has surpassed expectations with the groundbreaking launch of their latest product, the OWS Pro.

This revolutionary wearable tech introduces an unparalleled sound experience; being the first ever earphones to use a cinema equivalent amplifier chip, setting new standards in the audio industry. The OWS Pro, a result of relentless dedication to innovation, brings forth a transformative audio encounter like never before. With its state-of-the-art technology and sleek design, it promises to redefine the way we perceive sound.

Tune out the background low and mid-tones with the very first open-ear headset to use Fixed Point Sound Screening technology, or ‘Focus Mode’, to create a cleaner listening space. Previously breaking sales records on Amazon, Oladance headphones are intelligently designed to provide an epic audio experience with supreme sound quality that work as an extension of the human form and its capabilities.

The Oladance Wearable Stereo Pro’s have a sleek design and several new features from protecting your ear health to an impressive battery life. The OWS Pro’s come in five colours, Misty Black, Luminous Titanium, Pearly Haze Pink, Porcelain White and Vivid Green.

In Ear or Open Ear Headphones?

Oladance is dedicated to open wearable design as the future of audio, and much like growing studies in VR (virtual reality) the benefits of audio and an AR human experience is explored. Unlike traditional headphones with a sealed chamber, OWS (Open Wearable Stereo) ensures that there is minimal damage to your hearing or ear health by acting as an extension of the human ear to process sounds safely. The stereo rests securely on top of the ear, rather than inside the ear canal, which eliminates any discomfort, irritation or hearing damage that might arise from prolonged use.

Immersive Audio

The OWS Pro’s immersive home theatre audio experience implements multiple sound sources through synthesised sound, dynamic monitoring and calculation. The stereo is equipped with an independent amplifier system unlike any other on the market, transfering the sound quality and frequency bands sensitive to the human ear to safe listening levels within regulated standards. All the while maintaining powerful bass and sound quality creating an unmatched listening experience.

Focus Mode

Oladance has revolutionised the open ear design with ‘Focus Mode’, which filters out low to mid-range noise from everyday life. This advanced technology activated through the Oladance digital application, creates a cleaner listening space allowing you to zone out of the background noise, be that the constant hum of traffic in the city or office chatter. Upon observing sudden loud sound frequencies, the smart sensors immediately trigger deactivation of the focus mode to always keep you safely aware of your surroundings, promising the perfect guardian for both indoor or outdoor activities.

Never go silent with reliable battery life

The OWS Pro’s are incredibly practical with 16 hours of battery life on a single charge and up to 58 hours extra with the charging case. The headphones are quick-charged within an astounding 15 minutes for an immediate 6 hour use and can last on standby for up to 3 years due to Oladance’s newly patented Energy Lock technology. Each headphone can be used individually and without a case, depending on the user’s preference, to save battery and space.

Creating sound to live with

The OWS Pro’s are the ultimate companion for active lifestyles. Move freely with the smart pinch-controls which allow you to easily change tracks, adjust the volume, or take calls without having to handle your bluetooth device or remove the headphones. In addition, the built-in microphone and voice command feature add to the convenience of these headphones and are particularly useful for anyone who is on the move, whether you are commuting to work or running a marathon. The controls are fully customisable on the Oladance app, where you can also personalise which mode suits your mood from Focus Mode to Hearing Protection.

All day comfort and style

The new and improved OWS design is incredibly lightweight with 100% skin-friendly, medical-grade liquid silicone and waterproof IPX4 which follows the natural curve of the ear, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. The OWS Pro’s have a recycled and recyclable plastic casing and are available in 5 colours; Misty Black, Luminous Titanium, Pearly Haze Pink, Porcelain White and Vivid Green, available for pre-order from July 25th for $299.99  on www.oladance.com.

About Oladance

Oladance are enablers for better living and freedom, embracing how people hear the world with innovative audio products that bring the physical and the digital world together.  Inventors of the original OWS design, Oladance continues to lead in the industry with a loyal community and thousands of positive reviews. Their signature OWS design establishes a natural, open and safe connection between consumers and their environment whilst maintaining an epic sound. With a large team of technical engineers dedicated to creating the future of audio, Oladance work towards building a seamless enhancement of the natural hearing capacity. At their core, Oladance are passionate believers that the human ear is a gateway to experiencing the world in a more profound and multidimensional way.  Through thoughtful design, innovation, and reliable execution, Oladance empower people to connect with technology without distraction, allowing customers to be more present, build on their potential, and construct a future of their own design.

Source: Oladance
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