Orang Asli students avoiding school due to reports of hysteria at SK Tohoi

Orang Asli students avoiding school due to reports of hysteria at SK Tohoi

GUA MUSANG: Orang Asli parents from the Temiar tribe, in Pos Simpor, near here, have been reluctant to send their children to school for the past two weeks, due to reports of hysteria among the students at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Tohoi.

A resident, Jaafar Along, 58, said that he decided to stop his 11-year-old daughter from attending school as he is worried for her safety. He said other students are also reluctant to go to school, so their parents are not forcing them to attend since early this month.

“Although the hysteria episode occurred among students from Kampung Penad, my daughter is scared to go to the same school, as she has heard of the six cases of students experiencing hysteria.
“We are aware of the importance of education for our children’s future so we are disappointed with the situation that causes children to stop attending school. However, I understand the children’s fears,” he told reporters when met at Kampung Simpor, Pos Simpor, here yesterday.

Meanwhile, Pos Simpor Community Development Department (Kemas) kindergarten teacher, Shera Chele, 32, expressed her dismay seeing the children, who are students at SK Tohoi, just spending time at home.

“As an educator, even though only at the kindergarten level, I am concerned thinking of the future of these children in Pos Simpor. There are some children who come by to ask me to teach them but I can only do so according to my ability,” she said.

Meanwhile, Orang Asli Village Safety and Development Committee (JPKKOA) chairman, Dendi Johari, said that the issue of non-attendance of students in school, which has entered the second week, is feared to have an impact on the children’s learning process.

“We know and are aware of the importance of education for our children. However, the situation is making it difficult for us to coax them to return to school after they witnessed six students from Kampung Penad experiencing hysteria.

“Therefore, we have suggested that the state and district education departments hold discussions with the village heads and residents pertaining to the issue,” he added.


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