P2P presents Malaysia-China Cross-Border Trade & E-Commerce Forum on Agriculture & Halal Products

P2P presents Malaysia-China Cross-Border Trade & E-Commerce Forum on Agriculture & Halal Products

Kuala Lumpur  – P2P, a trusted regional partner in trade facilitation and discovery of the product market, is proud to announce the Malaysia-China Cross-Border Trade & E-Commerce Forum on Agriculture & Halal Products.

This highly anticipated event is set to take place in Kuala Lumpur on July 14, aiming to leverage the China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone to drive trade achievements for Malaysian business owners.

The Malaysia-China Cross-Border Trade & E-Commerce Forum provides a unique platform for business owners to gain invaluable insights, network with esteemed industry experts, and unlock new business opportunities in the ever-growing Chinese market.

Focusing on agriculture and halal products, the forum will delve into topics such as cross-border e-commerce models, e-commerce news in China, agri news in China, and the China traceability system.

“Our mission is to help Malaysian business owners successfully onboard in the Chinese market by providing comprehensive support, starting with B2B matching and conducting thorough product market surveys.

“We are dedicated to empowering in businesses with the knowledge and resources they need to expand their operations effectively and establish a strong foothold in the Chinese market,” said O’ Neil, Asia Link Regional Partner at P2P.

“By harnessing the potential of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, we are dedicated to driving trade achievements and cultivating mutually beneficial trade relationships between Malaysia and China.”

Alongside the insightful presentations and discussions, participants will have the opportunity to forge valuable connections and explore potential collaborations with industry representatives.

Furthermore, the forum will feature an exclusive learning and visiting program in Yunnan, enabling participants to experience firsthand the region’s trade opportunities and engage in cultural exchange.

The Malaysia-China Cross-Border Trade & E-Commerce Forum on Agriculture & Halal Products is an indispensable event for Malaysian business owners who are already engaged in business activities in China or those planning to enter the Chinese market.

It will equip attendees with vital knowledge, industry insights, and strategic connections necessary to propel their growth and achieve remarkable success.

To register for the forum, interested participants are encouraged to scan the provided QR code or visit qr.link/BlFeOW

Registration deadline: 10 July, 2023

About P2P:

1. P2P Talent Development focused on professional upskilling, industry 4.0 projects and developing community. Appointed as Malaysia representative and reseller for Asia Cross Border Link by a China government-supported e-commerce platform.

2. We organize regional conferences in Malaysia, establishing collaborations with government agencies, commercial partners, and renowned domain expert speakers.

3. We are experienced in hosting webinars, and have been appointed to host the Nvidia Generative AI webinar series in year 2023.

4. We are a platform for ideas sharing & innovations. We provide a forum for our clients to share ideas and collaborate on projects.

5. We also connect partners and project opportunities, taking a collaborative approach toleveraging on government I4 grants.


Background of this event:

In May 2022, Asia Link introduced its comprehensive onboarding program to facilitate Malaysian business owners in entering the Chinese market, specifically focusing on the thriving inland hub of Yunnan.

This program encompasses the utilization of the China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone to drive remarkable trade achievements for Malaysian businesses.

By leveraging this program, Malaysian business owners gain access to enhanced facilities and innovative solutions, enabling them to successfully navigate the Chinese market and maximize their trade opportunities.


For more details please contact the Event secretariat:

Ms. O’ Neil LIM WhatsApp: 016 419 4343 / https://wa.me/60164194343

Ms. Lynn LIM WhatsApp: 016 218 1816 / https://wa.me/60162181816


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