PELADANG-i Smart Card benefits almost 3,000 LPP members, surpasses MAFI’s 100-day AKM target

KUALA LUMPUR: The Farmers’ Family Smart Card Initiative (PELADANG-i) introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) has benefitted 2,877 members of Farmers’ Organisation Authority (LPP) nationwide.

MAFI Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said the number surpassed the ministry’s 100-Day Keluarga Malaysia Aspirations’ (AKM) target of 2,000 members. He said the initiative would be one of the ministry’s continuous programmes, even after the 100 days, as more than 900,000 farmers across the country were expected to have the smart card by 2025.

“It will be like a debit card, which means that we are taking the farmers towards digitalisation and cashless society. So, the process to issue the smart card to all farmers will continue even after the 100 days,” he said when interviewed in RTM’s Selamat Pagi Malaysia programme here today.

Besides, he said the PELADANG-i smart card also comes with Takaful Kasih Plus insurance coverage for up to RM5,000 for each member. “It is part of the benefits of PELADANG-i. The insurance coverage is provided free of charge, funded by the government through Budget 2022, with benefits of up to RM5,000. So, in case of death due to accident, the farmer can get RM5,000 from PELADANG-i,” he said.

Meanwhile, the large-scale smart padi field (SMART SBB) programme, which consolidates padi fields through contract or rental farming, thus increasing padi productivity through efficient resource management, had benefitted 3,811 farmers.

Ronald said, at present, 21 leading companies had signed the memorandum of understanding for the 1/2021 and 2/2022 SMART SBB sessions. The companies serve as project managers and service providers such as in the use of drones, transplanters and ploughs, as well as supervising the use of fertilisers and pesticides, besides acting as the buyers and manufacturers of the rice, he added.


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