Peru: Cooperation with China will secure key investments for national development – Pres Boluarte

Peru: Cooperation with China will secure key investments for national development – Pres Boluarte

LIMA, July 10 (NNN-ANDINA) — Peru’s Pres Dina Boluarte provided an assessment of her recent State visit to the People’s Republic of China, and emphasized that this interaction with authorities and entrepreneurs from the Asian country will attract investments in technology, key to consolidating the desired national development.

During a conference at the Government Palace, she stated that this trip made it possible to inform about the security that Peru offers in terms of investments, which is highly attractive for foreign capital.

“During the visit to this country (China), we saw the technology they have in terms of scientific innovation and that they manage. We want to continue strengthening this bilateral relationship so as to receive all that scientific hub that they have and we can shape a different Peru,“ she underlined.

Boluarte explained that this task began on June 26. On that first day, the official delegation visited the city of Shenzhen where the “The Inka and their Tawantinsuyu: The Land of Four Quarters” exhibition was inaugurated.

Similarly, they arrived at the Huawei company facilities, where a cooperation agreement was signed to train 20,000 digital talents.

The possibility of establishing a technology development center at Ancon Industrial Park was discussed on the occasion, in addition to exploring investments in smart hospitals.

Likewise, she highlighted the meeting held with the BYD company chairman. They talked about Chancay Megaport’s potential, in addition to the interest in setting up an electric vehicle assembly plant.

“These activities underline our commitment to strengthening bilateral cooperation and attracting investments in technology that are key to national development,” Boluarte said.

The President underscored that the “Investment Opportunities in Peru” keynote conference was held in Shanghai at which she presented the secure environment required to invest in the South American country to 250 Chinese businesspeople.

Furthermore, the Head of State met with China Southern Power Grid representatives. At this event, the importance of investment to guarantee a competitive electrical service in the Peruvian capital, Lima, was highlighted.

The technological advances of the future Chancay Megaport were explored with Cosco Shipping, focused on technology transfer to train young Peruvians.

Boluarte indicated that she gave TV interviews in Beijing.

Similarly, the Peruvian Head of State held meetings with National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee Chairman Zhao Leji and Chinese Premier Li Qiang.

In that city, she also met with the President of China, Xi Jinping. At this event, the importance of the comprehensive strategic partnership and cooperation in various sectors was emphasized.

“A total of 13 bilateral agreements were signed to strengthen relations between both countries, highlighting the commitment to multilateralism and international law,” Boluarte told reporters.

“On this State visit, I had the opportunity to be received by important Chinese authorities, I participated in 16 meetings and activities; during the trip I also held four remote meetings with the (Peruvian) Prime Minister and other members of the Ministerial Cabinet,” she pointed out.


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