Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp Announce Partnership to Enhance Glamping Experience

Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp Announce Partnership to Enhance Glamping Experience

The new partnership embraces sustainability in the glamping segment.

SUMMERVILLE, Ga., Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Piana Sleep, the new division of 441-year-old Piana Technology dedicated to sustainable mattress manufacturing, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Dunya Camp, one of the newest luxury resorts in the growing glamping segment. This alliance brings together Piana Sleep’s expertise in creating high-quality, sustainable mattresses with Dunya Camp’s commitment to providing unparalleled outdoor experiences.

At the heart of each Piana Sleep mattress is their cutting-edge V/SMART technology. Each mattress features superior breathability for effective moisture management and active temperature regulation. They are also fitted with silver-based antimicrobial technology to provide a hygienic and clean sleep environment. Both are crucial for ensuring that guests enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep regardless of the humidity or weather conditions in outdoor settings.

This partnership with Dunya Camp was created from a mutual purpose to integrate circular economy principles into the hospitality sector. All Piana Sleep mattresses are free of foam, made with recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable. Instead of discarding the mattresses to landfills at the end of its useful stage, Piana Sleep promises to take each mattress back and recycle them with zero waste.

“Choosing Piana Sleep has been the best decision we have ever made. Our guests enjoy the experience that turned out to be transformative for outdoor lodging. It’s a choice that enhances their stay and maintains our commitment to their comfort”, said Sangeetha Ramkumar, the owner of Dunya Camp.

Both Piana Sleep and Dunya Camp are excited about the potential of this partnership to revolutionize the way guests experience outdoor lodging; one guest stated, “I’ve traveled the world, but the bed at Dunya Camp is hands down the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in”.

Silvia Galasso, executive vice president of Piana Sleep, comments, “Dunya Camp is thrilled that they can blend nature with comfort. This collaboration advances Piana Sleep’s mission to create technological innovations that support environmental stewardship”.

About Piana Sleep
Piana Sleep is the bedding division of Piana Technology, the oldest Italian textile company founded in 1582. Piana Technology advocates for a circular economy across multiple industries by providing sustainable technologies and innovations for myriad of products and applications.

SOURCE Piana Technology

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