Pioneering Multi-dimensional Art Space Artelli Collaborates with Melco Resorts to Present “Mr Doodle First Exhibition in Macao”

Pioneering Multi-dimensional Art Space Artelli Collaborates with Melco Resorts to Present “Mr Doodle First Exhibition in Macao”

MACAOAug. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Artelli, the pioneering multi-dimensional art space and a Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited brand, is once again creating a world-class art sensation, proudly presenting its latest unparalleled art encounter, “Mr Doodle First Exhibition in Macao,” in collaboration with Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited and internationally renowned gallery Pearl Lam Galleries and ARTOX GROUP, following its remarkable triumph establishing presence in several prime global locations and garnering widespread acclaim over the past 10 months. This exhilarating event signifies the debut solo art exhibition in Macao of artist Mr Doodle.

The exhibition is a significant part of the grand international cultural and art event “Art Macao”. From now until October 15, art enthusiasts have the extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in the meticulously crafted art installations by Mr Doodle across City of Dreams and Artelli. The awe-inspiring journey includes a public art display at the iconic architectural landmark of Cotai Strip, where visitors can marvel at large-scale interactive art installations, and the global premiere of Mr Doodle’s original artworks exhibition – “Disney Doodles.” Throughout the exhibition, limited-edition collaborative art pieces from the Mr Doodle Disney collection will also be exclusively available for purchase at Artelli art space, sparking a globally anticipated art craze in this vibrant city.

In addition, on September 12, Mr Doodle will showcase his first live doodling performance at Artelli in Macao, undoubtedly creating an art experience that will captivate not only the local audience but also art enthusiasts from around the world!

Artelli takes a step forward in curating a world-class art exhibition, drawing global attention to “Art Macao”

After quickly making a name for itself as a pioneering multi-dimensional art space, Artelli seamlessly integrates various elements of contemporary art, lifestyle aesthetics, digital and techno art, art communities, and brand collaborations. Since its opening at the end of last year, Artelli has expanded its presence to cities in Greater China, including MacaoHong KongShanghai, and Taipei, in a short span of six months. The art space has successfully organised a series of acclaimed exhibitions, quickly establishing itself as a rising star in the art scene of the Asia-Pacific region.

As a curator, Artelli recognises the importance of collaboration and partnerships to create a diverse and enriching cultural and artistic experience. By collaborating with various organisations and even the government, Artelli continuously brings innovative and dynamic international visual art projects to the market. Through these collaborations, Artelli creates city-specific cultural and artistic landmarks, contributing to the development of innovation and vitality in Macao’s art and culture scene.

To elevate the art experience to a world-class level, Artelli is partnering with Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited during the prestigious international cultural and artistic event, “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2023”, and invited the renowned emerging artist, Mr Doodle (Sam Cox), for his first large-scale art exhibition in Macao. This dynamic collaboration seeks to captivate global interest in Macao and spark an unparalleled art frenzy in this vibrant city!

Unveiling the large-scale doodling art creation and original artworks exhibition

Mr Doodle is indeed one of the most famous contemporary artists on the art scene today, bringing doodling as a contemporary art form to the masses and showing at museum exhibitions globally. Identifying with street and urban art, Mr Doodle has constructed a whole new visual phenomenon: his DoodleLand, where he manifests his vision of the world, producing mesmerising and dense clusters of characters, objects and patterns that grow and multiply relentlessly.

he artist’s creative process is fluid, therapeutic, unrestrained, and without hesitation as if channelling directly from his world into ours with great stamina. He ultimately seeks to spread a sense of wonder, happiness, and love.

“Mr Doodle First Exhibition in Macao” showcases Mr Doodle’s boundless creativity in a comprehensive three-dimensional manner. It features a variety of large-scale public art installations, digitalised multimedia art and several specially commissioned and world-premiere artworks throughout City of Dreams Macao. The journey starts in the public art piece “Doodle Showroom” at Cotai Strip’s architectural landmark, where Mr Doodle transformed the façade into a captivating piece of art. his signature patterning and personality shine through in every detail. At the main entrance of City of Dreams, visitors are greeted by the breathtaking exhibit known as the “Doodle Hall.” Additionally, incorporated into the celebration of Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day), there will be an exclusive large-scale interactive “Doodle Love Wall.” In the lobby of the Morpheus Hotel, a multimedia art installation entitled “Doodle Cube” blends Mr Doodle’s distinctive doodles with the fluidity of the architectural design, and the major highlight of this exhibition is the world premiere of an extensive collection of original artworks by Mr Doodle entitled “Disney Doodles”.

“Disney Art Collection by Mr Doodle” Exclusive World Premiere And Limited Edition Merchandise Launch

Inside the Artelli multi-dimensional art space, the world premiere of Mr Doodle’s first collaboration with Disney, the “Disney Art Collection by Mr Doodle” original artworks exhibition, is showcased, featuring 24 original artworks paying tribute to classic Disney scenes with a new creative twist.

“The Disney collaboration feels very natural due to the similarities between our two worlds, DoodleLand and DisneyLand,” shares Mr Doodle, “Both our immersive worlds are full of wonder and fantasy and aim to spread joy and happiness to everyone. The creative process was fascinating. I feel privileged to have been invited to contribute to Disney’s centenary celebrations and hope that the paintings capture a sense of the fun and enjoyment I experienced whilst creating them.”

At Artelli art space, the audience will embark on a journey through the magical world of Disney, beginning with the first classic black-and-white film and the world’s first synchronized sound animated short film, “Steamboat Willie.” Here, Mr Doodle will use his iconic doodling style to depict this enchanting Disney universe. As the mini-Doodles replace the traditional flat, blocky colours and infuse the scenes with dynamic hues, the growth stories of Mickey, Minnie and their friends unfold before the audience. This process mirrors Mr Doodle’s own extraordinary artistic life, resonating with viewers and inspiring a sense of hope and longing for a beautiful life.

In addition to the 24 new giant original artworks on display, the exhibition will also feature the world premiere of a collectable sculpture created by Mr Doodle which are inspired by Disney, as well as a number of exquisite, limited-edition art pieces. Visitors will be able to purchase these items and keep the memories with them.

Mr Patrick Fan, Founder and Chairman of Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited, said, “The ‘Mr Doodle First Exhibition in Macao‘ marks Artelli’s inaugural participation in the ‘Art Macao’ special exhibition and serves as a significant milestone for our brand as we venture into the international art market. In the future, we aim to introduce more exclusive and premier collaborative art projects, building international cultural and artistic landmarks, and attract a greater number of domestic and international tourists, particularly art lovers and art collectors, to come to Macao and experience the unique artistic charm that converges diverse cultures.”

About Artelli

Artelli is the pioneering multi-dimensional space for contemporary art, lifestyle aesthetics, digital and techno art, art communities, and brand collaborations. The space stands as a new and unprecedented international landmark for art and culture.

Artelli will ultimately join forces with over a hundred internationally renowned artists and brand designers to co-create exclusive art projects and debut collections. With a dedicated focus on Web 3.0 digital art and metaverse, Artelli pioneers the exploration of new artistic dimensions. Guided by a strong commitment to become a multi-dimensional art space that fosters collaborations within the art and culture communities, Artelli’s visionary path unfolds through the fusion of art, technology, and the dynamic commercial sector.

Artelli has successfully organised more than five highly anticipated art exhibitions, featuring international artists in prime locations spanning MacauHong KongTaipei, and Shanghai. In the future, Artelli envisions expanding its brand to attain international prominence as the landmark for art and culture. With aspirations reaching TokyoSeoulSingaporeNew YorkLondon, and Paris, Artelli is set to leave a vivid mark on the global stage over the next five years.

About Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited

Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited is an integrated group with three synergistic business segments – fashion, art and lifestyle – and a commitment to creating innovative retail business model. With a track record of managing over 100 brands, the Group has helped many brands to establish their first presence in Greater China. In recent years, the Group has actively enhanced its operations and developed its own brands, such as Artelli, ASCE, UMJ, WF Fashion, to further enrich its brand portfolio. Leveraging its extensive retail experience and IP resources, the Group has spearheaded exclusive collaborations with brands and cultural and art communities to expand into the international market.

Mr. Fan Wing Ting, Patrick, is the founder, chairman and executive director of Forward Fashion Holdings. In 2005, he founded the first company of the Group in Hong Kong focusing on fashion apparel retail in Greater China. Following the Group’s 2020 listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Forward Fashion has embarked on eCommerce platforms and introduced international fashion and artistic brands and visionary international art projects to Greater China. The Group aims to cater for the preferences and needs of local youths and promotes business diversification.

Source: Forward Fashion (International) Holdings Company Limited
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