Pivot Bio and Iowa State University Partner on State-of-the-Art Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Pivot Bio and Iowa State University Partner on State-of-the-Art Center for Sustainable Agriculture

AMES, Iowa, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pivot Bio, a sustainable agriculture company, opened its new 36,000-square-foot Customer Success Center in the heart of the Iowa State University Research Park this week. The facility underscores the company’s commitment to developing microbial nitrogen solutions that allow farmers to reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizers.

“Pivot Bio’s new Customer Success Center in the ISU Research Park is a perfect fit for Iowa State’s vibrant innovation ecosystem,” said Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen. “The collaborative partnership between Pivot Bio and Iowa State University not only drives economic growth and supports hardworking farmers, but also reinforces Iowa’s central role in shaping a more innovative and sustainable future for agriculture.”

Pivot Bio, in partnership with ISU Research Park and Story Construction, invested $14 million to bring the vision to life. The center not only serves as a commercial hub for the company’s microbial nitrogen products, but also as an education and collaboration nexus for farmers, researchers and industry experts. It is designed as a convening space, fostering partnerships and uniting diverse stakeholders committed to addressing the most pressing challenges in crop nutrition and agricultural technology.

The building also includes approximately 15,000 square feet of open high bay that will support work on agronomy equipment, including hands-on training and calibration for seed treatment equipment, supporting the continued scaling of the company’s PROVEN® 40 on-seed product, which for the first time, allows corn farmers to plant their seeds with up to 25% of their nitrogen fertilizer needs already in place. Launched last year, the on-seed product now makes up most of the company’s sales.

Pivot Bio has a strong history of partnership with ISU. In 2022, the company collaborated on an independent research study with ISU and the Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council that demonstrated how Pivot Bio’s PROVEN® 40 microbial nitrogen can increase biomass in corn plants, contributing to healthier, more productive crops while reducing nitrous oxide emissions and synthetic nitrogen losses due to leaching.

“We’re celebrating a milestone for the farmers we serve as we open our new Customer Success Center in the heart of the Corn Belt,” said Chris Abbott, Pivot Bio CEO. “More than a building, this new center is an embodiment of our collective commitment to reshaping agriculture for the better. Focusing on optimizing the use of crop inputs, particularly through groundbreaking fertilizer innovations, we are steadfast in our mission to elevate training, education and research. In collaboration with our customers, representatives and strategic partners, we are actively constructing a roadmap toward a future where our united endeavors will not only enhance sustainability and productivity but also place the success of farmers at the forefront of every initiative.”

About Pivot Bio

Pivot Bio is a leading sustainable agriculture company delivering farmers patented crop nutrition technologies that harness the power of nature to reliably and productively grow the food the world needs in the face of increasing volatility. Currently available in North America and soon in Brazil, the company’s products are a breakthrough innovation. They are among the industry’s most promising climate solutions because they deliver nitrogen to plants without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer. Our nitrogen is weatherproof, safer to handle, and does not leach or contribute to nitrous oxide pollution. By making this possible for the first time at scale, Pivot Bio is upending the 190 billion USD nitrogen market. Pivot Bio has been recognized twice by Time magazine on its annual list of best inventions, by Fast Company on its World Changing Ideas and World’s Most Innovative Companies lists, by CNBC on its Disruptor 50 list of private companies and by Fortune on its Impact 20 list of startups driving social good. The company recently announced its fourth consecutive year of growth. For more information, visit PivotBio.com.

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