Playground AI EYES Moves Beyond Smartphones with “Another Eyes”

Playground AI EYES Moves Beyond Smartphones with “Another Eyes”

SINGAPORE, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore-based global IT company Playground, with hubs in South Korea and Vietnam, is set to unveil ‘AI EYES,’ a groundbreaking innovation in the 2024 wearable device market. Going beyond technological advancements, this premium wearable device deeply integrates artificial intelligence into everyday life, redefining user experiences. AI EYES, equipped with high-performance cameras, cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a robust battery, offers an intuitive user interface based on the Android platform.

AI EYES significantly enhances convenience in daily life, maximizing practicality in various situations. For instance, through its personal assistant feature, users can manage schedules and easily make calls and send text messages with voice commands. Additionally, the built-in AI camera automatically captures important moments, storing them in the cloud for convenient access anytime. These functionalities can be beneficial in diverse situations such as business meetings, childcare assistance, learning support for adolescents, healthcare monitoring and companionship for the elderly, and travel.

Playground actively seeks partnerships with global giants such as Samsung, Google, AWS, and SoftBank, engaging in talks for distribution collaborations with telecom companies worldwide. AI EYES is set to transcend smartphone limitations, offering users advanced connectivity and communication methods. The project goes beyond typical product development, delving into societal and cultural changes through AI and wearables, marking a notable milestone in technological progress.

Playground is actively seeking partnerships with global companies like Samsung, Google, AWS, SoftBank, and is in discussions for distribution collaborations with telecommunications companies worldwide. AI EYES is expected to go beyond the limitations of smartphones, providing users with new connectivity and communication methods through its rich features and enhanced convenience.

Playground’s AI EYES project goes beyond simple product development, exploring societal and cultural changes through the combination of AI and wearable technology. The launch of AI EYES appears to be a significant milestone opening new horizons in technological advancement.

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Playground operates in various fields, including the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, online game development, O2O platforms, and smartphone operating system development, providing an optimal experience for users.

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