Police looking for two foreigners after finding corpse in water tank

Police looking for two foreigners after finding corpse in water tank

SHAH ALAM,. Police are looking for two foreigners after finding a corpse in a water tank of a bathroom.

Selangor police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan said the two foreigners identified as Ranjit Singh and Mandeep Singh are believed to be involved in the case since both were the tenants who had rented the house.

“Members of the public with information can contact the Klang Selatan police headquarters at 03-33762222 or any nearby police station,” he said in a statement.

Hussein also advised members of the public to not viral any pictures through social media as such pictures can cause panic among the people.

Earlier, Hussein said police had received a report from a local man that he was informed by a foreigner that there was a corpse in the water tank of the house that he had rented out, at 10.58pm on Dec 3.

“Investigations revealed that the person who lodged the report had rented his house in Kampung Pendamar, Klang to two foreigners for about two years, starting from 2019 to Oct 2021.

“Before renting out the house to another tenant, the owner had inspected the water tank and it was cemented,” he said.

Hussein said the previous tenant had claimed that the area was cemented because rat droppings were seeping into the water tank. The owner, not suspecting anything, later rented the house to another tenant.

Last month, the owner had asked a foreigner to repair a leak in the roof of the house and upon paying the worker, he was informed that there was a corpse in the water tank.

“Information was received that one of the two previous tenants had returned to his country of origin. The owner therefore, decided to lodge a police report.

“Police together with the fire and rescue department and Forensics Unit from Selangor broke down the cemented part and found a corpse, believed to be a woman,” he said.

Hussein added that the remains were sent to the Shah Alam Hospital for a post-mortem on Wednesday.

He added that an investigation paper had been opened and a 53-year-old suspect detained and the case investigated under Section 302 of the Panel Code for murder.


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