Practice the Kenyir Dam emergency action plan to ensure optimum level of preparedness

Practice the Kenyir Dam emergency action plan to ensure optimum level of preparedness

KUALA LUMPUR: Practice the Kenyir Dam Emergency Action Plan from 26 to 29 September last is a program involving government agencies together with community members to ensure the level of preparedness in the event of a disaster is at an optimal level.

The National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) in a statement today said the public is advised not to panic and be influenced by any rumors that may be spread through social media related to the charity exercise, such as the one that went viral recently.

“Nadma as the leading agency in national disaster management always works with various stakeholders in organizing various charity training programs to improve the ability of all parties to always be ready to carry out disaster-related operations effectively while being resilient to disasters.

“All agencies including community members need to be aware of all disaster risks to ensure the level of preparedness is at the highest level. The community needs to be aware and know the community’s action plan in the event of a disaster,” according to the statement.

Nadma informed that similar charity exercises were held for Bakun Dam in Sarawak, Sultan Abu Bakar Dam, Cameron Highlands and several other dams.

“Other charity exercises that have been organized to ensure the preparedness of agencies and communities are Tsunami Charity Exercises in Kedah, Penang and Sabah. Charity exercises are also held to strengthen the coordination of various agencies in the face of disasters in addition to improving the understanding and capability of each government agency related to the methods as well as disaster management strategies,” he said.

According to him, charity training was also carried out to improve community understanding, improve disaster management strategies at the level of the Disaster Operations Control Center (PKOB) and the Scene Control Post (PKTK).

source – BERNAMA

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