RealNex Launches Q1 2024 with a Series of Powerful Enhancements

RealNex Launches Q1 2024 with a Series of Powerful Enhancements

STAFFORD, Texas, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RealNex, a commercial real estate technology company, today announced several important updates to its flagship RealNex Navigator platform. RealNex Navigator is a complete commercial real estate operating system, featuring CRM, Financial Analysis, Presentations, Marketing, Reporting, and Transaction Management.

As a follow-up to its major year-end update featuring flexible Layouts and the addition of 1100 new database fields to most precisely profile properties and clients, the recent update includes:

– All CRM Fields accessible within MarketEdge
– User Managed Backups
– Dialog Styles
– Dashboard Controls
– Streamlined CRM Project Interface
– Personal MP Direct Listing sites
– Massive added power to the Mobile app

In addition to these visual workflow improvements, the RealNex engineering team has done substantial work behind the scenes to optimize system performance, removing process steps and adding key indexes to accelerate speed.

All CRM Fields accessible in MarketEdge
With the vast expansion of the CRM database, users can now access all those fields to build professional presentations and reports in MarketEdge. With the MarketEdge field picker widget, all fields used in CRM can now be automatically added to flyers, brochures, opinions of value, offering memos, and proposals.

Now, users can schedule and download their monthly Backups, so they always have complete control of their data.

Dialog Styles
As part of our Layout capability, users can easily modify the look and feel of their fields in CRM to create the UI they enjoy most. They can choose fields without a frame, in boxes or underlined, with lighter or darker suggestion text; they can then modify the background colors for labels and fields. They can even set the format as logical, year, number, text, or user multi-comment.

Dashboard Controls
RealNex established recommended record counts for all dashboards to speed up system performance. While users can open hundreds of records at a time this approach was slowing down their systems. With this new control, RealNex enables client to optimize system speed vs. volume to of data.

Personal MP Direct Listing Sites
We are delighted to provide now our MP Direct Listing widget for free for all individual users. This powerful tool, designed initially for company websites, allows agents to showcase all their personal listings on their own personal websites.

CRM Projects streamlined
In CRM Projects, we have added counterparties to close transactions. We have also brought the Commission and Participant details to the main page for easier access. The Flat Fee now works like a Commission to be automatically allocated across the team based on the fee-sharing splits.

Mobile App enhanced
In the quest to become the “handset” of the industry, the RealNex Cloud CRM mobile app has undergone a major upgrade. Users now have even more power, speed, and access on the road.

“RealNex is dedicated to continuously improving our platform, service, and solution. Our dedicated, growing global client base gives us a fantastic resource of ideas and recommendations for system enhancements. With a shared vision of creating operational efficiencies and driving enhanced productivity these ideas are carefully evaluated and incorporated into our roadmap. Watch for even more exciting enhancements in the coming months,” commented RealNex CEO Jeffrey Finn.

About RealNex LLC
RealNex is a leading commercial real estate technology solutions company. It strives to become the portal and marketplace for the commercial real estate industry by integrating sector-based solutions to improve marketplace efficiency, transparency, and liquidity. Its singular solution is designed to improve user success by increasing accuracy, professionalism, and productivity.


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