Renewable Energy News: SolarQuotes seeks Editor-In-Chief to lead growing team of talented writers

Renewable Energy News: SolarQuotes seeks Editor-In-Chief to lead growing team of talented writers

SolarQuotes, Australia’s leading source of news, reviews and consumer advice on residential solar, announced today that it is seeking an experienced Editor-In-Chief to lead the company’s growing team of writers and expand its national audience and distribution, which currently attracts over 1 million monthly page views.

Finn Peacock, SolarQuotes Founder and CEO, said the successful candidate will make a meaningful impact on the solar, battery and EV charger industry:

“At SolarQuotes, we bring a bit of fun and quirkiness, as well as in-depth reviews and discussions, to solar news. Our goal is to make it easy and low-risk for consumers to install high-quality solar, batteries and EV chargers and our new Editor-in-Chief will be pivotal to achieving this goal by ensuring solar education and advocacy are delivered to the highest standards. The successful candidate will lead our team of writers and help position SolarQuotes as the go-to destination for the latest news and data on renewable energy.”

The Editor-In-Chief will be responsible for overseeing content creation and strategy, managing a team of writers, and leveraging AI to enhance productivity and content quality. The job description includes writing short, sharp news posts (9 per week) and editing the longer “deep-dive” posts from specialist solar, battery, and EV writers.

The successful candidate will manage everything from final edits to content schedules; ensuring the writing style and legal requirements are on point, handling any complaints or legal threats from offended parties, and keeping the main website updated.

To be successful in this role, the Editor-In-Chief will need excellent editing and writing skills, keen attention to detail, and the ability to manage deadlines and recalcitrant bloggers efficiently. Other essentials include experience in journalism and publishing/editing; proficiency (or a keen interest) in using AI to enhance productivity and content quality; top-notch writing, editing, and proofreading skills for technical content; familiarity with WordPress; and experience working with remote teams.

“At SolarQuotes, we are committed to making a difference in the solar industry and changing the way Australians think about renewable energy,” said Peacock. “We’re a dynamic and fun-loving team that values creativity, innovation and teamwork, and we’re excited to find the right candidate to lead us into the future.”

To apply for the Editor-In-Chief position, interested candidates should send a 500-1000 word blog post about something that happened in the Australian Solar, Battery, Energy, or EV world this week to [email protected].

The candidate is ideally located in Adelaide, but kick-ass applicants from anywhere in Australia will be considered.

About SolarQuotes is an independent online reviews website dedicated to linking solar buyers with the best solar providers in their area, using industry knowledge and the power of consumer feedback.

Since 2009, SolarQuotes has helped more than 680,000 Australians seeking quotations on solar systems from accredited suppliers in its network across 2,808 Australian postcodes.

The independent service has published 70,713 uncensored reviews and ratings of 2,648 solar installation companies.

Over the last 14 years, SolarQuotes has steadily built a network of 556 solar installers across Australia trusted to provide quality installations.

Its mission is to give consumers the advantage of informed choice from installers who have already been thoroughly vetted.

The SolarQuotes website is recognised as Australia’s most comprehensive and reliable source of information about home solar power and battery storage. It provides consumers with the advice and insight they need to go solar and, once installed, the best ways to maximise value from their systems.

Source — Newsmaker

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