Rix.GG welcomes Darkzone as newest influential content creator

Rix.GG welcomes Darkzone as newest influential content creator

LONDON, March 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Rix.GG, a fast-growing and top UK esports organisation, announces Portugal based streamer João “Darkzone” Narciso to its growing team of influencers and content creators.

João “Darkzone” Narciso is a Partnered Twitch streamer and won the Valorant Spike Nations of Twitch as a member of Team Portugal. Darkzone is most known for playing first person shooter games like Valorant and Warzone. He is also a friend of MissRage and they will continue to make collaborative content under the Rix.GG banner.

Jamie Lewis, founder, said: “João has been on our radar for some time, and his influence in our content moving forward will be instrumental. Darkzone and Rix.GG is a match made in heaven.”

João “Darkzone” Narciso, influencer, said: “I have no words to describe how excited I am to join Rix.GG. I know I’ll be surrounded by very talented and amazing creators and I can’t wait to be a part of this family. This is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time. Can’t wait to see what this journey brings me and Rix.GG. Let’s break some records together!”

About Rix.GG

Rix.GG empowers esports athletes to reach their full potential through unique opportunities, support, and competitive training. Founded by Jamie Lewis and a team of investors in 2020, the esports organisation launched by signing one of the UK’s best Valorant teams featuring homegrown talent. Rix.GG aims to grow grassroots esports in the UK by developing athletes, signing rosters in other titles, holding tournaments and other esports events. Learn more at https://www.rix.gg




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