Roads, villages in Kuala Krai flooded after continuous rain

Roads, villages in Kuala Krai flooded after continuous rain

KUALA KRAI,. Several routes and houses around villages in Kuala Krai were inundated this morning following continuous heavy rain since last night.

A Bernama survey in Kampung Bukit Arang, Bukit Sireh, Batu Mengkebang and Chuchuh Puteri found that the residents did not dare to use the roads in their villages due to the fast current and concerns over their safety.

A resident in Batu Mengkebang, 45-year-old Mohamad Abdullah said water began to rise to thigh-level at about 6 am and they had to move all the items in the house to a higher place.

“I also suffered financial losses as I had to temporarily close my nasi kerabu and nasi dagang stall.

“Although floodwaters in my area receded quite fast, I still dare not open my stall,” he told Bernama here today.
As for 27-year-old Nursyafreena Rosli of Kampung Kenor, she said she had to drive through the floodwaters along the road in Bukit Che Si to get to her workplace.

“If it continues to rain, I may have to ask for permission from my employer to go back early for feat the main road which I use to get home may be flooded,” she said.

According to the Social Welfare Department (JKM) Info Bencana portal, 304 victims from 83 families are still placed at eight temporary relief centres in Kelantan as of noon today, involving seven areas in Kuala Krai and one in Tanah Merah.

Meanwhile, based on the report on, three main rivers in Kelantan are at warning levels, namely Sungai Nal in Kuala Krai at 24 metres (m); Sungai Kelantan in Kampung Temangan, Machang at 15.5m and Sungai Lanas in Air Lanas, Jeli at 29m.


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