Roborock Unveils the Home Cleaning Center – Pioneering a New Era of Immaculate Homes and Enhanced Well-being

Roborock Unveils the Home Cleaning Center – Pioneering a New Era of Immaculate Homes and Enhanced Well-being

BEIJING, June 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 1st, Roborock (688169.SH) officially announced Mr.Xiao Zhan as Roborock Global Brand Ambassador and unveiled the highly anticipated Roborock Home Cleaning Center. The state-of-the-art center seamlessly integrates Roborock’s three flagship products—sweeping robots, floor scrubbers and washer-dryer combos—into a comprehensive home cleaning solution. With the innovative collection of products, users are empowered to elevate the cleanliness of their homes and clothing, while simultaneously establishing a new standard of household aesthetics.

Roborock A10 Ultra Smart Floor Scrubber: unleashing efficiency and versatility for enhanced comfort

Efficiency: the newly launched 2023 floor scrubber Roborock A10 Ultra features a robust, dual-brush inward rolling design that can picks up both dry and wet dirt, leaving no gaps due to a dual side edge design. With this advanced scrubber, users can now effortlessly and conveniently tackle their daily floor cleaning tasks, ensuring pristine floors with utmost ease.

Versatility: the A10 Ultra serves as a complete home cleaning solution, functioning not only as a floor scrubber but also a standalone vacuum cleaner and dust mite remover. Moreover, it boasts self-cleaning and drying features, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of cleaning scenarios.

Comfort: the A10 Ultra features bi-directional assistance, facilitating effortless pushing and pulling. Its lightweight body, paired with an ergonomic handle design, ensures a remarkable level of ease during use.

Roborock G20/S8 Pro Ultra Self-Cleaning Sweeping and Mopping Robot: doubling efficiency with advanced innovations

Introducing the flagship sweeping and mopping robot of the year, the Roborock G20/S8 Pro Ultra. The exceptional unit revolutionizes cleaning with its advanced upgrades to both sweeping and mopping functions. With innovative spiral dual brushes boasting a powerful suction of up to 6000Pa, the G20 effortlessly tackles pet hair and debris. Enhancing its capabilities further, the robot is equipped with four-zone double-vibration mops, ensuring effective stain removal like never before.

The G20/S8 Pro Ultra base station represents a remarkable leap forward from its previous iteration, featuring significant enhancements in self-cleaning, drying and automatic water supply. The advanced base station combines the convenience of automatic mop cleaning and drying, automatic dust collection, automatic water replenishment, and automatic cleaning fluid dispenser, all integrated into a single device.

Roborock H1 Molecular Sieve Washer and Dryer: elevating laundry care with high-performance efficiency

Continuing its commitment to innovation and expanding its product range, Roborock introduces a groundbreaking addition to its lineup. Through its proprietary Innovative research and development molecular sieve low-temperature drying technology, the company has effectively overcome common challenges found in partial traditional washers and dryers such as moisture reabsorption and high-temperature damage. With the remarkable Roborock H1, you can expect performance on par with standalone washing machines and dryers, with the added advantage of certifications for washing and drying delicate fabrics like wool and silk.

Roborock H1 is also designed to accommodate multiple household layouts and interior styles. Catering to the needs of individuals leading a fast-paced lifestyle, the combo eliminates the need to wait for clothes to be washed and hung up to dry or be manually placed into a dryer.

Innovative technology empowers market competitiveness.

According to Roborock’s 2022 financial report, the research and development investment has increased by 10.85% compared to the previous year. The heightened investment has yielded remarkable results, with Roborock securing 417 authorized patents both domestically and internationally. Through these advancements, the company has achieved significant technological breakthroughs, and continuously improved product performance. As a testament to their excellence, Roborock’s intelligent cleaning products enjoy immense popularity in over 100 countries and regions worldwide, including Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea.

Roborock possesses a profound understanding of the evolving needs of households, enabling a wealth of possibilities in home living spaces. By offering a range of highly automated, intelligent, and efficient technological products, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to continually enhance the home living experience.

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