Rocco Forte Hotels Presents a Series of Italian Culinary Retreats

Rocco Forte Hotels Presents a Series of Italian Culinary Retreats

Rocco Forte Hotels has announced its forthcoming series of seasonally led Italian culinary retreats, Culinary Secrets of Italy, curated to offer an immersive exploration of the diverse and captivating world of Italian gastronomy. Curated by Fulvio Pierangelini, Creative Director of Food and a distinguished Michelin-star chef, these exclusive retreats promise an unforgettable blend of culture, cuisine, and discovery. His passion for simple ingredients, cooked well, has placed him at the forefront of the culinary industry and the ability to learn from him first-hand is a rare and exceptional experience not to be missed. The retreats are set to take place in Italy’s most iconic regions: Sicily, Puglia, and Tuscany.

Savouring Southern Sicily: A Voyage into Tradition

Verdura Resort, a Rocco Forte Hotel

20 – 24 October 2023

The culinary expedition at Verdura Resort promises to delve deep into the traditions of the Sicilian countryside. Witness the sourcing of ingredients first-hand with a guided farm tour, followed by a garden-inspired cooking class led by Fulvio Pierangelini. The journey continues with a Sicilian Conserves class, an exploration of Caltabellotta, an immersive cheese-making masterclass with U Canuscituri, and a personalized wine bottling experience at Planeta, culminating in a vineyard lunch. Evenings are filled with leisurely beach or restaurant dinners showcasing Fulvio’s curated menus.

Truffle & Friends in Tuscany: Unveiling the Treasures of the Land

Hotel Savoy, a Rocco Forte Hotel

29 November – 3 December 2023

Experience a remarkable 5-day culinary odyssey through the heart of Tuscany, where the highlight of this journey is an immersive truffle hunting experience alongside Guilio, the Savoy’s Truffle Concierge, followed by a hillside lunch featuring the freshly harvested delicacies. Guests will also enjoy a Palazzo Gondi tour, a hands-on pasta-making class, wine tasting class, and a memorable wine cellar dinner.

Searching for Gold in Puglia: An Olive Oil Odyssey

Masseria Torre Maizza

Autumn 2024

Embark on a three-day culinary voyage in Puglia, the land of “green gold.” Experience the magic of the Apulian gastronomic landscape with an early morning spectacle of fishing boats returning with their catch of the day. Engage in a cooking class set in the idyllic Citrus Garden of the resort with Fulvio Pierangelini, followed by an exploration of the historic village of Alberobello and a charming Trulli lunch. Choose between a scenic hilltop setting or the caves of Ostuni for dinner. The journey includes an olive oil harvest exploration and a private olive grove lunch, where the liquid gold takes center stage. Engage in the art of cheese making at a dairy farm, master the secrets of bread making in Altmura, and be immersed in the traditions of Puglia.

The Cuisine of Palermo: A Symphony of Flavour and Art

Villa Igiea, a Rocco Forte Hotel

Spring 2024

Discover Palermo’s rich culinary history with a luxurious stay at Rocco Forte’s crown jewel, Villa Igiea. Begin by navigating the vibrant Capo and Ballaro Markets, discovering a treasure trove of fresh produce. Partake in a cooking class at Villa Igiea, artfully crafting dishes from the recently harvested ingredients. The adventure continues with an unforgettable evening at the Theatre Massimo, setting the stage for another day of culinary enrichment. Explore the art of wine blending at Tasca d’Almerita, bottling the personalised creation, followed by lunch at the Tasca d’Almerita Winery. The pinnacle of this journey features a Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro tour—an expedition into the aristocratic Gattopardo-era recipes, guided by Fulvio Pierangelini and the hotel’s chef. As the day draws to a close, set sail on a picturesque boat to have dinner against the backdrop of the breathtaking Sicilian sunset.

Commenting on the philosophy that is the cornerstone of launching these special retreats across Italy, Fulvio says: “I try to imagine dishes that resemble the place that you’re in, no matter where it is in the world. I also choose premium local products that reflect the different seasons and cultural sensitivities.”

Join Rocco Forte Hotels on a voyage of culinary discovery, where each retreat promises to unravel the essence of Italy’s cuisine, heritage, and artistry.


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