Russia To Promote Tourism Overseas Under Brand “Discover Russia”

Russia To Promote Tourism Overseas Under Brand “Discover Russia”

ST. PETERSBURG, Mac 20 (NNN-TASS) – Russia will promote tourism abroad, under the unified brand “Discover Russia,” which is currently being tested in overseas markets, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development announced, yesterday.

In a statement released by the ministry, Nikita Kondratyev, director of the Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects of the Ministry of Economic Development, said that, the development and promotion of inbound tourism is one of the most important priorities for Russia, and the country plans to double the number of foreign tourists to Russia over the next six years – from eight million to 16 million.

According to Kondratyev, the ministry has worked with the regions, to create a calendar and determine promotional tactics and platforms. The cultural component, creative industries, and gastronomy will be used to promote the regions’ tourism potential, together with the help of social networks and modern digital tools.

The official also noted that in the first year, work will target the most economically beneficial countries, such as China, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Oman, with future plans to expand to other Gulf countries, members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Southeast Asia countries.


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